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User Info: JairusTLS

1 week ago#1
What was once a seemingly farfetched idea seems to actually becoming something of a reality for FF7R Part 1. I posted a while back that Jessie could be a possible third option in Part 1's affection system, if it's in place, and got largely ridiculed for it. I guess folks here don't much like non-mainstream ideas. But, with the more recent trailers and leaks, it seems I might not have been as far off as some people thought.

Cloud's bashful smile to her during the reactor escape in the VGA trailer is the first time we've seen him smile so far in FF7R, and that's before he ever even met Aerith. So that's one thing Jessie now has that the other girls don't. And the smile was definitely bashful - he was trying not to but not quite succeeding, like he was flattered by her compliment but wanted to act cool and not show it. The fact that he let it slip through shows that she can reach him, and it also shows a hint of attraction to her on his part.

If it was just the smile, it could have just been seen as one-off moment, but it's not. I haven't seen the whole demo, but what I have seen adds to what I'm saying. Cloud treats her very differently than the guys - he's warmer to her, not cold and aloof like he is to Barret and Wedge. He shows concern for her, they have good banter and chemistry, and he doesn't do a thing to dissuade her obvious interest in him. When she asks him point blank what his relationship to Tifa is, he doesn't get irritated or tell her to back off or stay quiet. He's nice to her and tries to answer her question. If he'd had no interest in her, he would have likely either ignored her or blown her off. But he didn't do that. He doesn't do anything to stop her flirting, either.

I haven't seen much of the leaked content myself, but from what friends on the forums of thelifestream.net who have seen it have told me, Cloud and Jessie have a stronger foundation in the new canon than the pairing once did. I've also read that some people have canceled their preorders of the game because they had seen the leaks and were upset that their preferred ship didn't seem to have gotten as much attention as they wanted. I don't know the details, but could it be because Jessie's been given more time and interaction with Cloud in Part 1 than they think she should have? I don't know, and it might be something else, but it's something to think about, anyway.

Another thing to think about is this: neither Aerith nor Tifa's profiles for FF7R make any mention or even hint of romantic feelings for Cloud, which is a stark contrast from the original. In the manual for the original game, their feelings for him were quite clearly laid out in their profiles, but in their FF7R profiles, they're conspicuously absent. However, interestingly enough, Jessie's FF7R profile (translated from Famitsu) does hint at her feelings for Cloud in saying that "she has a weakness for pretty boys." It's interesting that she's the only one of the three girls whose profile contains any hint of romantic interest toward Cloud. We know that Aerith and Tifa will eventually develop those feelings, but for Part 1 it seems they may take a backseat to those of Jessie. Or at least, she may be there as a third option.

People misunderstood me before and thought I was saying Jessie should be a love interest for the entire series. That's not what I was saying at all. I know she's only in this one game. But this one game is over 70GB in size, compressed, which is likely over 100GB uncompressed. It's huge. And the plate collapse likely has been pushed back to late in the game, probably two-thirds to three-quarters of the way through. So Jessie will be around for quite a while in Part 1, long enough for her and Cloud to get to know each other and possibly develop the mutual attraction they've already begun to show in the demo.

She's not a 5-minute bit character anymore, and I think people seem to forget that, just as they seem to forget that the story of FFVII is now being told over multiple games, not just one. Which means story arcs like the LTD have to be drawn out over all the games in the series, and not just a single one. However, since Jessie is likely to only be in this one game - Part 1 - any romantic arc she might have could be taken as far as SE wants, since it only has to span one game rather than several, and so they could bring her as close to Cloud as they want before the plate collapse. I don't know how it'll all play out, but they seem to be developing something at least between the two of them. So I guess we'll see what happens.

One other thing to note is that in Cloud's little bio mini-trailer, Jessie was shown more than Aerith and Tifa - 2 shots for her (both on the bike) as compared to a single shared shot of the other girls, who didn't even get a single shot on their own with him but had to share one. SE didn't have to include her in that trailer, but they not only did it, they included her more than they did the actual playable girls. And speaking of playability, it seems that, judging by the presence of Wedge in the combat UI for the bike minigame in the latest screenshot of it, that Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge may be semi-playable guest combatants at certain points, which would be quite nice.

Anyway, shaking up the old LTD by adding Jessie into the mix as a possibility for Part 1 is a good way to keep things fresh and throw off people who think they know everything about how the game will be and surprise them. Story changes are confirmed, and the watchmen are clearly not going to be the only ones. Scenes from the original game have been shown to play out differently in the remake, so anything's possible.

Aerith - blown off
Tifa - friend-zoned
Jessie - given a bashful smile

Of course that's just trailers and such, but it's interesting they chose to show things in that way when they didn't have to. Just something else to think about is all.
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User Info: Perkolator

1 week ago#2
You are so wrong that it physically hurts me.

User Info: Brocknoth

1 week ago#3
Over analyzing/10. I have bad news for you TC but she still dies in the end. So all that conjecture you just wrote? Meaningless.

Edit - User level: Rookie User.

Nothing to see here folks.
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JairusTLS posted...
I haven't seen much of the leaked content myself, but from what friends on the forums of thelifestream.net who have seen it have told me, Cloud and Jessie have a stronger foundation in the new canon than the pairing once did.
I've gone through the entire leaked text, and..

Not really. Jessie is just thirsty for Cloud, but it's completely one-sided. Cloud keeps blowing her off, staying rather distant throughout. Also, there's a lot of talk about pizza for some reason.

User Info: TomorrowDog

1 week ago#6
I won't sleep well tonight.
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(message deleted)
JairusTLS posted...
Funny that you all say that, but you don't back up your statements at all. And Aerith dies, too, but that didn't stop her from being a potential love interest, Brock. So why people use that against Jessie makes no sense. She'll most likely be around in Part 1 longer than Aerith was in the original. So your argument is meaningless. You have to see it in terms of looking only at Part 1, not the entire series. If you'd read my whole post, you'd know that. And you might not be looking into things enough, did you ever think of that? It's just as easy to overlook and dismiss things as it is to look too deeply. Maybe look at yourself first and your own preconceptions.

People have an inherent, often unconscious bias against characters who aren't playable, simply because they're not playable. They think it's okay to marginalize them and put them down and think less of them simply because they're not directly controllable. And people here seem to absolutely hate change and think the remake must stay in lock step with the original 1:1 when it clearly will not. Or they just love to troll. Either way, they don't seem to know how to read more than a sentence or two at a time and just jump to conclusions.

Also, only part of the text was leaked, not all of it. So there's still much that we haven't seen yet.
It's only all the dialogue for the entire story. But hey, clearly you know better than the people who actually read the whole thing :)

User Info: EpsteinBarr

1 week ago#9
Noooo. Preorder canceled!

User Info: SaintAkira7

1 week ago#10
You know what? As the conductor of the #bestgirlJessie train, I like the way you think.

f***ing A right my dude. Write all the long-form posts you want, I think we all know, in our hearts, Cloud was meant to be with Jessie, and was cruelly robbed of that future by Shinra.

So preach, TC. There's hope, and I believe.
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