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  3. did jessie ever wanted the d?

User Info: weeb98

1 month ago#1

User Info: zombie_basher13

1 month ago#2
What are you doing on computer? Go outside it's so beautifulll! Mrawww, c'mahhh!!

User Info: Leytorn

1 month ago#3
We all know it's you that wants the d tc
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User Info: VanilleHopen

1 month ago#4
Yes she wanted some of clouds strife
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User Info: Boltens

1 month ago#5
Don't think so but she might like him
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User Info: brianleonhartx

1 month ago#6
She's been longing for the buster sword []=======|>........................
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User Info: madmatt

1 month ago#7
This is old news. Hint *yes she wants clouds buster sword inside her
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

1 month ago#8
Obviously. It was more low-key in the original but she hits on him constantly in the remake.
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User Info: Gurifisu

1 month ago#9
She def wanted Cloud's "sword" to bust her
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User Info: Rikkus_dad

1 month ago#10
WindMouseHanpan posted...
but she hits on him constantly in the remake.
Honestly it's kinda silly how she's constantly trying to flirt and hit on him in the middle of an important life threatening bombing mission, based on the demo, lol. You'd think she could save that stuff until after.
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  3. did jessie ever wanted the d?
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