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  3. Am I the only person who never saw Cloud & Tifa as a thing?

User Info: orah

1 month ago#421
i say 40%.

User Info: MEGAze

1 month ago#422
Silver_Lynel posted...
Right, but it’s reasonable to infer his motivation unless you’re completely unfamiliar with human emotion.
Perhaps. He could be saving her because he loves her or for any other reason unless there's dialogue to guide you toward something specific.
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User Info: Seputa

4 weeks ago#423
unitedinkilling posted...
Yeah we know AerithxCloud is the canon pairing.


User Info: orah

4 weeks ago#424
you really brought back this thread to troll because you were that bored?

looks like i'll take the bait. aerith and cloud never are, never were and never will be the canon pairing. cry harder while reading your ghost sex fanfics. cheers

User Info: HentaiMan

4 weeks ago#425
I have looked at ff7 rule 34 before
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User Info: DanielsonsXe

4 weeks ago#426
HentaiMan posted...
I have looked at ff7 rule 34 before
So, what you're saying is that you've seen EVERYONE & Tifa as a thing.
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User Info: spikethedevil

4 weeks ago#427
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User Info: chicksan

4 weeks ago#428
Yes. They are canon so even if you didn't ship them in the game, they end together regardless

User Info: RedMage77

4 weeks ago#429
Cloud and Tifa are just good friends. Cloud is still thinking about Aerith even at the end of the game and Advent Children.
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  3. Am I the only person who never saw Cloud & Tifa as a thing?
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