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User Info: Vegeta1000

1 month ago#1
Which Final Fantasy game is the most underrated? - Results (269 votes)
Final Fantasy
2.6% (7 votes)
Final Fantasy II
2.23% (6 votes)
Final Fantasy III
2.6% (7 votes)
Final Fantasy V
28.62% (77 votes)
Final Fantasy VIII
26.39% (71 votes)
Final Fantasy X-2
9.29% (25 votes)
Final Fantasy XIII
10.04% (27 votes)
Final Fantasy XIII-2
2.6% (7 votes)
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
4.83% (13 votes)
10.78% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is a opposite of the "most overrated Final Fantasy game" topic. We always talk about which games are overrated, but not enough talk about the underrated games. These are probably the most slept on games in the series although some like II, XIII and XV are slept on for obvious reasons.
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 month ago#2

User Info: WhyitEarp

1 month ago#3
Still going with V

User Info: Justicecho

1 month ago#4
Where’s IV?

User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 month ago#5
Still VIII by a light year.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

1 month ago#6
Justicecho posted...
Where’s IV?
Game is definitely underrated

User Info: Four_Archfiends

1 month ago#7
FFIX or FFVI, going with IX so others.

Was going to include IV also but Square gave it a good amount of attention already with a Remaster, Sequel, and 3D version.

VIII is another one that feels underrated.
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User Info: sano83

1 month ago#8
This exist:

But the poll options are different.

A percentage of the small percentage of fans of the franchise that have played Final Fantasy V usually say that the story is simple or cliche. Which is not, so the story is underrated, but the gameplay is usually praised very highly (maybe to the point ot overrate it a bit), so it evens out.

A lot of people watched a video of someone else playing Final Fantasy VIII or decided to leave the brain unplugged when playing Final Fantasy VIII and have trouble with the junction system, which is awesome. So Final Fantasy VIII is underrated (even if it is like 2 points behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X in metacritic score, and that would make it the fourth game, going by the Metacritic scores.).

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age is heavily underrated. It have a score of 86, while Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII have a score of 92. Should at least be superior by a point.

Final Fantasy Tactics (both original and The War of the Lions is criminally underrated, too.
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User Info: Gurifisu

1 month ago#9
Justicecho posted...
Where’s IV?
So underrated it didn't even make the poll
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User Info: Smiffwilm

1 month ago#10
FFVII. Really underestimated game.
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