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  3. I dont want to take 10 years to finish playing this 'entire' game you know?

User Info: Devilman_Amon

1 month ago#1
Given S-E's track record of putting out content in time I mean

Yeah this game is coming out in March

but what of its follow up?

And the one after that?

and the one after that?

3 year wait time between each?
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User Info: N3wdisea5e

1 month ago#4
I think they could do the next two games in the time table part 1 took them honestly. They have recently restructured their business divisions from like 12 divisions down to like 4 or 5 divisions. I'm sure that will most likely stream line AAA Dev more manpower to throw at major titles.. the restructuring did not even happen until like five months prior to remakes recent reveal

User Info: spccew

1 month ago#5
I dunno what to tell you, bro. What you want doesn't matter. Game is still episodic, so do what you gotta do.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

1 month ago#6
sano83 posted...
No one knows the answers to your questions, but if you really can not wait, you should play the original game.

It is your first time planning to play an episodic game?

By the way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe took 10 years from the first Ironman to Endgame, and was (mostly) great. So maybe you do, but people don't really care about waiting 10 years to finish am overarching story told in several episodes.

I dont consider this 'episodic' due to how long the releases will probably be apart from each other and yes I played the original game 20 years ago
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User Info: theraniel

1 month ago#7
It wont take 10 years... 4 years tops, new episodes yearly I suspect and 3 episodes total. They will not sell as much of they take to long!
no need to worry
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 month ago#8
Your problem. Not mine.

User Info: GodinMinaar

1 month ago#9
I hope this game does take me at least ten years to mosey through.. I plan on replaying it for the rest of my life. Let it be huge!

I think 2-3 years btw 4-7 parts. 500+gbs.
The releases will become easier to produce as characters, enemies, and towns are already made and revisited. (See Nibelheim in part 2.)

Don't be surprised if they release bonus material above and beyond the original story during and post production.

Also hoping they design it to be installed and identified as one game. Not several episodes.

March is beginning to look a lot like Christmass.
I hope they make remake so large that I can spend fifty years strolling through it

User Info: thisboy87

1 month ago#10
The game shouldn't take 10 years to finish. They said it's a full sized game so that should mean 20-40 hours to complete the main story for a normal play through.

The original story from the original game will take longer as it's being split over several different games.

This first game tells the original story up to midgar, but has been massively expanded with new areas, characters, bosses etc. Maybe it's twice as long as the midgar story part of the original game. Maybe it's 10 or 20 times longer. No one's know yet.

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  3. I dont want to take 10 years to finish playing this 'entire' game you know?
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