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  3. Which version are you buying?

User Info: N3wdisea5e

3 days ago#11
Bouta do deluxe through beat buy

User Info: TrueBURP

3 days ago#12
Whatever version the put out on the store.

User Info: SavenForever

3 days ago#13
Deluxe. I would've bought the 1st Class Edition, but I cannot justify paying $240 for an action figure for any reason.

User Info: shortstackk

3 days ago#14
Ima pre order the plain standard edition in a few weeks.
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User Info: s_dubs

3 days ago#15
Standard. I never get any other versions of any game. The extra doodads and s*** never interest me in the slightest.
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User Info: meteora88

3 days ago#16
Topic would've been better as a poll.

I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition. Best value for money for me.

User Info: Ace_Strife

2 days ago#17
Preordered deluxe for $56 when Amazon had that sale a few months ago.
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User Info: Dropped_Emil

2 days ago#18
Standard. If I won't be able to play it when it releases or something revealed lowers my excitement, I might cancel and wait to buy it. If I'm sure about it, I'll upgrade to deluxe.
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User Info: Kigalas

2 days ago#19
Clearance rack if my son begs me to get it for him down the road.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

2 days ago#20
The standard release since I don't need any glorified bells and whistles.
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  3. Which version are you buying?
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