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??? depends on format.... how well they program it.... and how much they toss into it...

on avg new games tend to get with a deadline for release once teams on job (thus making programing shortcuts a thing and skipping clean up... to be fair some programing clean up can take months even with good teams so 3~10 lines of 1s and 0s could eventually be condensed into 1~2 lines, is lazy uses simple example XD)

next you have prioritys some companys focus teams on next new content over the clean up of finished products

lastly we have... the fact we dont know how much they put in... remember tc its not same ff7 (its the next thats not canon crisis core yolo) theirs alot changes.... to old systems and alot new systems tossed in.... same concept with the areas character design (and they waste ton of programmable space on graphics/effects/layering)

and also we have tech advancements that may or may not be available to them take example old gamesystems once it was hard to toss everything on one cartridge... now we could probably make a atri cart with the entire game library on it
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