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  3. People who like ff7 like ff9. People who like ff12 hate ffx. You agree?

User Info: Xanderlise

1 week ago#121
There hasnt been a mainline FF game I havent liked. Have beaten every single multiple times from the early 90s till now.

I have beaten FF1-6 on multiple platforms(NES,SNES,GBA,DS). I have beaten 7 probably 10+ times on the PS1, PS3, PS4version, Steam(with mods).

8/9 is the one I have beaten the least amount of times. Twice one back on the PS1 and the newest version.

10/12 I have beaten multiple times on the PS2 and PS4.

13 and 13-2 I have beaten at least 3 times.

14 no telling how many hours I have in it.

15 I have beaten 3 times. Twice before any updates and once with all the updates.

User Info: Zengram

1 week ago#122
Flamechamp2333 posted...
This is what I've noticed over the years on here and reddit and wherever. What have you noticed over the years from the fandom?

I like it all!
ff 9
ff 12
ff 7
ff 10

User Info: Foxxie_kun

1 week ago#123
Dislike 7, love 9, indifferent to 10, like 12.

I guess I'm the odd one, but I didn't play 7 when it was new (My first FF was 8, first one I owned was 9), and always thought the hype surrounding 7 was undeserved and overblown since 8 and 9 were so much better as far as narrative, gameplay, and character building.
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User Info: Kraphe

1 week ago#124
I like 7, 9, and 10. Hated Junction and the pandemonium esque story of 8, the monsters leveling with you on top of the grind to farm parts for weapons. 12 started to lose me, but I loved to open, live world, and side stuff like the marks or running into the summons and is still memorable among the series.

idk what they were doing with the three 13s, so any shaken faith after twelves story was limping after those.

15 was refreshing, still torn on how I feel about it. It felt unfinished, but I really wanted to like it, the final fantasy world and magic felt really fleshed out and summoning was epic. The DLC often felt over priced but felt like it was missing parts of the game, like those dungeons would’ve added a lot to the game. FFX, or heck 7, had tons of small things to find that added to the game and collect. 15 had a cool dungeon at the end, but otherwise felt like you about platinum’d it on a quick run and that was it. X-2 was cringeworthy, but enjoyed the return to the job system, exploring and collecting in spira, and some challenging bosses.

On a side note, really enjoyed 4 with Cecil and Cain, and felt like 6 was a template for the ones to come after. Didn’t care for the one with the thief Bartz and the monk, but if I played it when it was new I probably would’ve loved it. Felt dated and cheesy by the time I played it. That being said, it doesn’t seem completely fair to compare some of the older ones but I enjoyed them.

Probably worth mentioning, at times, 14 has had one of the stronger FF stories.
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User Info: uutrexx

1 week ago#125
I love all of them. VII is my least favorite because of its datedness and weird story that is full of pointlessness, but IX is really charming and the story gave me goosebumps not to mention it has great side content.

FFX is really great. While it is linear, it is one damn atmospheric game, with many scenes and dialogue that touches your soul. This game has so much culture and world richness behind it, and I loved how X-2 expanded it with politics.

FFXII is a great game, not really in the story but in the world design and side content. The world is beautiful and all the side content is fulfilling. The first time I 100%'d FFXII I had this deep thirst in completing every Hunt and Bestiary entry.
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User Info: Smowy

1 week ago#126
I like all 4 and consider them top 4 or 5 FF games.
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User Info: wild361

1 week ago#127
Hopz_7 posted...
I like all 4 and they are all probably in my top 6 or 7 in the series.

The moderate

User Info: Merrith

1 week ago#128
For the most part, I see 2 groups of people who love IX. Either they love it for the "return to classic FF themes", or they're group that loves VI and IX above all others.

VII is my favorite, and VI is my #2. I like IX, but below Tactics and X. I also like XII, IV, and V.

User Info: slaterastle

1 week ago#129
I find it weird 8 is excluded from the OP. I also find the topic weird in general, like "people who like some Final Fantasy games like and dislike others." No really? Wow, thank you for enlightening me with your wise man knowledge, the world is blessed by this revelation to mankind.

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Thank you.
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