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  3. Who is more beautiful: Tifa or Aerith?

User Info: orah

4 days ago#91
john7281 posted...
It's still better than Aerith who doesn't have a fugure really. Fairly flat chest, no butt that's a loss for Aerith and not even close.
i see. unfortunately her hips are swallowed by her CC/OG dress but the red one could do her some good.

Specaldorf posted...
Without judging jessies looks, this is a f***ed up disappointing reason. I pick tifa. -_-
choosing realistic faces is f***ed up? sue me then.

Ryuseii posted...
Eww no, she looks way too much like my mother.
tifa does, not jessie.

Justicecho posted...
Jessie is runner up this time around, but vastly improved since og VII. Tifa still wins overall though and her updated design is pretty much perfection. But martial artists always get more attractive to me.
she looks unfinished to me but i'll just keep repeating what i said many times on different threads so i'll stop.

User Info: Hucaseal_Fan

4 days ago#92
angolmoa posted...
No you marry em both=)

This is the correct answer :P Polygamy FTW :D

User Info: orah

4 days ago#93
chicksan posted...
I though Tifa and Aerith also have face models? Most characters do...

oh sorry didn't see this. i meant an actual alive human face. jessie face was based off the designer's wife.

no idea about tifa and aerith. looking at them they look like the beauty that's only possible on video games. jessie's beauty looks graspable, if that makes sense.

User Info: KingPiccolo

4 days ago#94
I find neither attractive

User Info: TrueBURP

4 days ago#95
Aerith's pretty, but Tifa has that girl next door charm that's just so appealing.

User Info: N3wdisea5e

3 days ago#96
Aerith looks way more polished and better

User Info: EpsteinBarr

2 days ago#97
N3wdisea5e posted...
Aerith looks way more polished and better

Not with that scrawny body she doesn’t.

User Info: 1Tekkaman

2 days ago#98
N3wdisea5e posted...
Aerith looks way more polished and better

*sigh* Eye of the beholder.
I swim through a sea of stars. . . .

User Info: Total_Panda

2 days ago#99
Before this game I'd say Tifa but I'm really digging Aeriths new look.
Undertale was a bad game.

User Info: Cfuson001

2 days ago#100
Jessie looks better then both of them.
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  3. Who is more beautiful: Tifa or Aerith?
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