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  3. Who is more beautiful: Tifa or Aerith?

User Info: PakoPako

4 days ago#81
stepan618 posted...
A bit off topic but does anybody know the conditions under which don corneo picks tifa? I mostly get Aeris, or cloud if I can be bothered with the whole wall market part.

It's actually dependant on how good Cloud looks. If you didn't try hard and got a bunch of +1 equipment that Cloud is rated under.. II think 14, Tifa gets picked. If Cloud is rated 15 to 20, it's Aerith. If Cloud's over 21, he gets to go all the way with Don.

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

4 days ago#82
Why does Jessie’s nose go down half her face in those pics?

User Info: Hippaul

4 days ago#83
GoukiAkujiki posted...
Why does Jessie’s nose go down half her face in those pics?

They wanted her to look like a man.
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User Info: Hucaseal_Fan

4 days ago#84
I voted Aerith for the remake cuz of Tifa's b00bs getting nerfed (f*** SJWs) BUT, I think they are both equally beautiful and choosing between them would be a crime. Also, this poll needs to have Yuffie in it as well :/ (for her fans, I personally don't care about her at all) >.>

User Info: chicksan

4 days ago#85
orah posted...
anyways jessie wins because she looks the most real, seeing she's based off an actual face.
I though Tifa and Aerith also have face models? Most characters do...

Ryuseii posted...
Eww no, she looks way too much like my mother.
Your mother looks like Jessie? She is beautiful so

Sorry for my bad english

User Info: Dropped_Emil

4 days ago#86
Tifa but I would've picked the both option if there was one. I love their styles.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: MalakTawus

4 days ago#87
Tifa easily even if Aerith is also beautiful ofc.
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User Info: angolmoa

4 days ago#88
No you marry em both=)
Love video game much as life it self=)

User Info: ifnsman

4 days ago#89
Aerith is the girl who gives you pleasant tingles.

Tifa is the girl who makes you j*** in your pants.
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User Info: Omegawoof

4 days ago#90
Tifa for looks.
Aerith for personality.
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  3. Who is more beautiful: Tifa or Aerith?
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