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  3. The effort they're putting into this is nothing to scoff at

User Info: Ravus

1 month ago#1
I was always a lurker but the latest news made me want to make an account to talk about how impressed i am with the work the devs are doing. I forgot i already had one made years ago.

It looks like the team is doing their utmost to care for this title in all facets, not just battle system and visuals, but even those are well beyond anyone's original expectations years ago when this was announced.
The original creators, directors, producers are on it and know not to just make a flashy product but really do the original justice and it really shows.

The dedication that the development team has put into this, and continues to put into this should be rewarded.
I hope people continue to praise the dev team, because they could have easily rushed out something and tried to cash in like so many "remake" things do these days. Instead, they have done the opposite and have continued to go the extra mile.
Their latest interviews really resonate, but especially the ones from Naoki Hamaguchi. I love his story as a developer. This game is being made by the original creators plus fanboys of the original who are experts at game creation and i could ask for nothing more.

You can also tell they're really not sparing expenses on this game's development, graphics look picture perfect with everything looking crispy and meticulously polished, down to the smallest details, combat, summons and level progression/weapon upgrading systems show they thought things through a lot instead of just making a KH clone.
They're really going all out and betting hard on this, it's their golden egg chocobo after all. I hope it lives up to their projections and our expectations!

Tetsuya Nomura confirming that they started working on Part 2 was just the icing on the cake and i hope that they won't rush Part 2 out and will instead take as much time as they need to make it great, especially since Pt.2 will probably have some of the best story moments from the original like the Kalm Flashback.

What do you guys think? Are you satisfied with what they've shown so far?

User Info: SSJKirby

1 month ago#2
I hope part 2 is exclusive to next gen
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User Info: shortstackk

1 month ago#3
Hell yeah, you can tell that the whole FF7R team has poured their hearts and souls into this game, Looks like its gonna be quite a incredible experience imo.
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User Info: Joseph689

1 month ago#4
Extremely satisfied. The hype does die off when no news or anything, but that's life. Time has flown since June E3, even from when it first got announced!

It looks incredible. This whole whining arguement, oh it's not the whole game ect, doesn't bother me as the more ff7, the better.

User Info: LinkFanatic

1 month ago#5
I agree; I'm very impressed.
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User Info: NotxAzazel

1 month ago#6
Feels good to read some genuine positivity for once on this board.

User Info: Justicecho

1 month ago#7
SSJKirby posted...
I hope part 2 is exclusive to next gen
Same. For a myriad of reasons.

User Info: cjtencounter

1 month ago#8
CHEERS to this thread!!!
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 month ago#9
NotxAzazel posted...
Feels good to read some genuine positivity for once on this board.

User Info: meteora88

1 month ago#10
Yes. I am quite impressed with what I've seen so far. It looks promising and I hope it lives up to my expectations of being a great game.

The combat system looks solid. My only concern is how they pull off the story.

That said, I am optimistic for the game.

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  3. The effort they're putting into this is nothing to scoff at
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