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User Info: GeminiEntity

3 days ago#21
I'm not surprised. The reason it was split up was due to time and size of the game, not money issues that needed the other parts being successful or not.

I see it being on PS4 and PS5, since newer consoles are just better hardware much like PCs. It's not like they have very wild and different architectural designs anymore.
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User Info: Xanderlise

3 days ago#22
I just don't see why people think parts 2 and especially 3(if it is more than 2 parts) will take that long.

The overall story is there, the world is there, now that part 1 is basically finished the main assets are done. Battle system, animations, etc....

I expect part 2 by the end of 2020 at the latest and part 3 no more than 2 years probably a lot sooner.

These 10+ year scenarios(from part 1 releasing) I keep seeing on him just seem like people hating.
shortstackk posted...
The reason i say this is because of what Kitase said during E3, here is the statement but will post the link also.

"We then asked if they expect development for future games in the Final Fantasy VII Remake compilation to take a shorter time to develop. Kitase answered candidly, saying that while characters and the like are done and that will make some things easier, new environments will likely still take some time. "I do not expect it to be dramatically shorter," he said."


I dont think part 2 will take as long as part 1 did, I just dont expect it soon. So in my mind i can see 3 years being a realistic time frame, Maybe even 3 and a half years.
Same thoughts here. Maybe even 4 years for part 2 and 3 for part 3 IMO.
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User Info: stepan618

3 days ago#24
unitedinkilling posted...
part 2 in 2021 part 3 in 2022

Lol 2022. Also XVI is going to have a surprise Dec 2020 release date. On the PS4.

Am I doing bad predictions right?

User Info: Flare1721

3 days ago#25
Getting started on that PS5 part 2 version

User Info: linkg

3 days ago#26
They can't turn parts 2 and 3 into anything much different from part one, because when everything is finished part 1 will have poor quality compared to the latter. And if it takes too long, the public loses interest, so probably by 2023 we'll have the full game.

User Info: Justicecho

3 days ago#27
seven13 posted...
By assests I dont really mean literally copy and pasting things from part 1. More referring to the engine used, the battle system, models of characters/enemies etc. All of that would have to be remade from the ground up if they switch to the ps5.
Maybe, maybe not. Programming will have to be altered but animations can be reused. Though I expect them to recreate a ton of new animations either way as all the characters will be learning new moves and abilities, and lots of all new characters (Yuffie, Vincent, Zack if they show him fighting in Nibbleheim, Seph, etc etc).

But mainly just expecting them to already be planning for that as Kitase (or maybr Nomura) already said they were aiming for ps5 with part 2. Not necessarily to be released solely for ps5 but to take advantage of what it has to offer.

EAims posted...
Not necessarily. If the ps5 is truly backwards compatible to the ps4 it might not be so bad.
This too. They’ll still be using the same engine most likely and PS5 architecture should be mostly improvements from ps4 rather than something radically different.
Is it confirmed to be in 3 parts?

User Info: OverlordDeath

2 days ago#29
resolution_evil posted...
Is it confirmed to be in 3 parts?

No, but 3 seems like the best bet.

User Info: GeminiEntity

1 day ago#30
Xanderlise posted...
These 10+ year scenarios(from part 1 releasing) I keep seeing on him just seem like people hating.

Pretty much that, and just being dramatic like twitter lol.
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