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  3. You get to visit 3 locations in the series, which one would you choose?

User Info: Four_Archfiends

2 months ago#1
Somehow you can go on a vacation to 3 different Final Fantasy locations. Which one would you choose? It can be from any Final Fantasy game but you're limited to 3 choices only. List the location name and which game it's from.

For me it's

Lindblum FFIX
Alexandria FFIX
Tower of Babel FFIV
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

2 months ago#2
Balamb Garden
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User Info: GTRagnarok

2 months ago#3
Gold Saucer FF7, Esthar FF8, Luca FF10
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User Info: Jidgeeboy

2 months ago#4
Besaid FFX
Limsa Lominsa FFXIV

User Info: sano83

2 months ago#5
Eruyt Village.

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If they dont, then is the Ancient Library of Final Fantasy V.
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User Info: PumpkinBelmont

2 months ago#6
Figaro Castle VI
Golden Saucer VII
Land of Summoned Monsters IV

User Info: GodinMinaar

2 months ago#7
Sorry only VII

Highwind, Golden Saucer, and Costa del la Sol.

Maybe the gardens of FFVIII
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User Info: ColdOne666

2 months ago#8
FFX Moonflow or Macalalania Woods
FFVIII Dollet City or Timber.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

2 months ago#9
That cave in FF7 where the dude sits on his bulldozer.

User Info: SavenForever

2 months ago#10
FFVII Midgar
FFVIII Balamb Garden
FFIX Lindblum (when the bottom half is still covered in mist)
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  3. You get to visit 3 locations in the series, which one would you choose?
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