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  3. Why is Vincent such a popular character?

User Info: jade32977

2 months ago#1
He’s arguably one of the most iconic and popular characters in the series and that’s quite an accomplishment considering he was an optional character that was easy to miss. What’s the deal?

User Info: meteora88

2 months ago#2
I'm not a huge Vincent fan myself, but from what I see, he's got an awesome design and an intriguing backstory.

He's a good character overall.

User Info: stepan618

2 months ago#3
Good design
Former turk
Interesting back story
Guns are cool
Turning into a monster is cool, even if it sucks as a limit break in practice.

User Info: PumpkinBelmont

2 months ago#4
Because he's an edgelord.

User Info: Lewkis

2 months ago#5
Honestly because other than Red, in my opinion he was the most unique character in the cast. Like the above said he had a cool back story, a unique style and a mysterious vibe.

One could also ask why Boba Fett is so popular when he had so little screen time, and was so easily defeated in the one movie he was actually taking action in.
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User Info: BobbyRicky

2 months ago#6
His theme was pretty good, I guess

User Info: TomorrowDog

2 months ago#7
Design is full of cool elements. He's also cool and collected in spite of his dramatic backstory, making him kind of a rock for your team. I sort of liked that he gets mininal time in the spotlight in the original, he isn't on a grand path to redemption but just reverts to his Turks training and professionally commits himself to righting the past. There's a lot to him if you dig, which I think is appropriate with his character.
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User Info: Litane

2 months ago#8
PumpkinBelmont posted...
Because he's an edgelord.

Basically, yeah.

I never liked him, either character wise or gameplay wise (especially not gameplay wise) but it was pretty cool that he looked like a Hammer Horror character and you recruit him out of a coffin in a creepy mansion basement. He also has a very interesting connection to two of the most important characters in FFVII, it's a shame that more wasn't made of it but he was probably added last minute.
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User Info: Hachigo

2 months ago#9
His popularity peaked in the 2000's when edgy was super cool

User Info: motosyko21

2 months ago#10
Hachigo posted...
His popularity peaked in the 2000's when edgy was super cool

When people THOUGHT edgy was super cool.
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  3. Why is Vincent such a popular character?
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