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User Info: dillydally123

4 weeks ago#31
GMArcturus posted...
So you are fine with paying $600 for a game that you can get for $20 if you can deal with worse graphics? With people like you, S-E has every reason in the world to make this 10 parts long because you will stupidly gobble it up. I wish I was rich enough to not give a f*** about money like you do.


The remake isn't just FFVII with different graphics. There's new story, new characters, completely different gameplay...

User Info: marko7

3 weeks ago#32
KarmelCHAOS posted...
Told you x3.

Dude, wind your neck in. There really isn't any valid reason to have this in multiple parts.

The only reason SE have said they "have to do it this way" is because they've chosen to do so. There is nothing stopping them from remaking this game in a single complete installment. Nothing.

They know the popularity of VII will guarantee them a huge return in profit regardless of how it turns out, so if people don't like how the first part turns out, it won't matter - they'll still have made bank and cut their losses by either finishing it early or abandoning it altogether. If people like it then it's going to print them money for the next decade and that is legitimately the only thing that matters to SE.
Made you look

User Info: erAEISer

3 weeks ago#33
Actually there is one thing that keeps them back. Finances. They'll have to get a return at some point on the game otherwise be prepared to play a massively downgraded experience and when it comes to FF mainline games, Square Enix ain't about that life...
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  3. The true reason I believe FF7 is multiple parts
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