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User Info: lonelyhero24

1 month ago#1
I believe FF7 Re is multiple parts not just due to the amount of detail they wanted to go with the game but the fact that they wanted the open world or over world portion to be on next gen.

Next gen consoles will be able to run more expansive and alive worlds with more going on, ex: vegetation, wild life, npcs, dynamic weather system.

I truly think the team didn't want to be limited to the abilities of current gen but didn't want to destroy their stock due to delays or a long development cycle, so instead of pushing everything back they pretty much released midgar to make some bank and tie the fans over till they release the 2nd part on next gen.

That's right I think FF7 Re will only be two parts, hence why they named the game FF7 Re and not FF7 Re Midgar. What we will play in march is just an appetizer to the game we'll have on next gen.

This is all speculation but let us all speculate, how many parts do you think FF7 Re will be and why?
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User Info: dillydally123

1 month ago#2
lonelyhero24 posted...
That's right I think FF7 Re will only be two parts, hence why they named the game FF7 Re and not FF7 Re Midgar

What do you think the second part will be called?

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 month ago#3
I mean I agree with you, but be prepared to have everyone dog piling on you calling you a shill and then saying it’s a money grab. Have fun lol. I’m expecting at least three parts though.

User Info: Kigalas

1 month ago#4
It’ll be between 3-35 parts.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#5
There really aren't appreciable limitations on hardware anymore, the bottleneck is creating the hd assets and effects that use this hardware. Creating an "open world planet" can be done but it is hard to justify environments that big for a single player. And if you want to design some sort of ecological system then you have the processing power. Developing real animal ecosystems and AI is just a large undertaking that is hard to see the pay-off for in terms of being a toutable feature, at least if your product is an anime action game.
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User Info: Nth

1 month ago#6
2 to 3 parts. I honestly wouldn't mind more if they wanted to include additional content from pre FFVII storyline and Advent Children storyline.
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User Info: MalakTawus

1 month ago#7
No, i dont think that your speculation is right, not about the reasons behind the multipart format and not about this being only 2 parts.

The first objection is because imo what you claim doesnt make much sense, 'cause if THAT was really their original intention from the beginning (and it must have been since they said immediately that this was a multi-game format, it's not something that they said on a second time) it would have been 1000 times more logical to do this whole project inside nextgen instead to divide it like this that sure as hell can only bring extra complications, not to mention that they will probably do a ps5-version anyway eventually (unless the ps4 version already includes options for nextgen that will become available when playing on ps5....but i doubt it since it will probably be better for SE to release a separate ps5 version in the future).

The second objection instead is a more practical one, doing only 2 parts would mean having the second part to cover everything else outside Midgar, and unless they really change the narrative flow from part 1 it will become something waaaay too big making that an evidently bad strategical decision for SE.......and if instead SE decides to change the flow from part 1, then it will be impossible to not notice and have the feeling that the whole second part is rushed, or to be more precise, as if the story is played in fast-forward.
Nope, that's not good writing AT ALL, if you start to use a pace in a story you have to go on with that pace or the final result will feel disappointing and im pretty sure that as i know something so basic even at SE they are perfectly aware of this and for this reason i will be extremely surprised if this project wont have at least 3 parts (or more, depending how much they want to expand things in this remake and even if they want to go beyond the events from the original game, who knows....)
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User Info: -MrMojoRisin-

1 month ago#8
True Reason: $$$
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User Info: N3wdisea5e

1 month ago#9
I'd say it's in parts because ff7 ps1 is still one of the most expensive games made. Now they are already triple the time in Dev vs ps1.

User Info: lemon_love01

1 month ago#10
The question still remains. When will we hear how many parts it actually is?
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