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  3. Stop putting your hopes in S-E, this remake is going to be a flop.

User Info: 1Tekkaman

2 months ago#21
unitedinkilling posted...
randombuttguy09 was hated for telling the truth!

No, he's being rightly castigated for jumping to conclusions.
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User Info: Joseph689

2 months ago#22
Even if it played like cluedo, it's still ff7 and will still be awesome to me. That's all that matters imo.

Same as FF xv was.

0/10 would not read again

User Info: donkeyjack

2 months ago#23
Lol, I can't wait until it is the opposite.
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User Info: TrueGB

2 months ago#24
Although history is on TC's side, the ONE Unreal4 developed game they did was actually pretty good, and this one won't be saddled by an incoherent story and a mess of licenses. So...there's hope.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

2 months ago#25
I'm sure I'll love it anyway. They have the characters, story, world, and music already established. Now they need to add to it and do voices and make the combat interesting. That's really it. As said, they haven't got some s***ty incoherent story to write, the basic stuff is already done.

Personally, I prefer action over turn based too, so I'm happy.
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User Info: ViperXVII

2 months ago#26
Well... I enjoyed FFXV. Wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I also preordered FFVIIR back in July. With each update I see, I get more and more intrigued.

User Info: TrueGB

2 months ago#27
ViperXVII posted...
Well... I enjoyed FFXV. Wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I can see how someone can enjoy the combat system. Really the thing that drags it down the most is knowing how much content was cut and how poorly it compares to previous games. If you didn't know any of that...it's probably not too bad. Heck, I've seen people say the pocket edition was much better simply because it includes more cutscenes.
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User Info: GooberSD

2 months ago#28
randombuttguy09 posted...
We're all gonna be getting our hopes up like we did with FFXV, and we'll be terribly disappointed.

Speak for yourself. I was disappointed with FFXV before it even came out and I had no expectations.

User Info: crono12064

2 months ago#29
randombuttguy09 posted...
They'll do anything they can to ruin JRPGs to make them more accessible.

FFVII was very accessible, especially the materia system. That accessibility made JRPGs popular in the West.
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User Info: Suit420

2 months ago#30
It wouldn't be a flop but over time the people with sense will tell the truth while the marks will stay quiet until EA or anyone on their hit list drops a new game. In the same breath we're supposed to hate 15 but 7 has the same engine and we're supposed to like it. This game is fueled by nostalgia. Even most comments here are optimistic without playing it when we didn't give 15 a single chance. Besides 7 story is nonsensical compared to 6, 8, 9, and especially 10. No matter how good or bad, people made up their minds and gave this a 10/10 already. Let Bethesda or Blizzard or anyone else try the same model that FF7 did in one of their games...
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  3. Stop putting your hopes in S-E, this remake is going to be a flop.
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