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  3. Wait....native Japanese people pronounce her name "Aeris"?

User Info: GreenKnight127

2 months ago#1
Found out recently that apparently the Japanese language doesn't have an equivalent of the sound: "th".

They don't call the planet "earth" so they had to adjust the sound of her name for English audiences. Or something to that degree? Her name was meant to be a play on words.

Which adds to the confusion. Because when I watched footage of the Tokyo game show, and other gameplay footage with actual Japanese people playing......when they switch to Aerith, you can hear them plain as day call her "Aeris".

Are they wrong to pronounce her name that way?
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User Info: Azaret

2 months ago#2
They don't have the TH sound in their language. They also say Sephiros, for same reason. They also say Kuraudo for same reason. And Shiddo (Cid). Because that's as close as they get to pronounce a foreign name (Aerith is a foreign name to them). It's like when English people try to pronounce the name Ahmed or Tarek, they won't be able to say the Ah or the T and K properly unless they commit to practice, because those particular Arabic letters don't exist in many other languages. So people settle on either just saying Aa-med or over doing it with Achh-med, and most people would pronounce Tarek with a regular T and K. Not a big deal, I'm sure people with those names are used to it. Still, technically not the correct pronunciation though. ^^
Edit: answer to your question: yes they are technically incorrect in their pronunciation, the Japanese usually pronounce foreign based names and words wrong. My name was severely mispronounced in Japan, and its not a word you would find difficult to pronounce, but even if I repeated my name, they would keep saying it their way (the way its spelled in katakana). I was fine with it. Not a big deal.
The character creator himself intended for her to be named Aerith, regardless of whether Japanese players can or are bothered about saying it correctly (they usually don't speak any other languages than their own).
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User Info: MrSirDrProf_sma

2 months ago#3
This is a case of Japanese not translating 1-1 with English, and late 90s translators basically winging it because the market for Japanese media hadn't truly hit its stride yet, so they weren't worried about getting everything right.
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User Info: BreakevenCloud

2 months ago#4
It’s amazing how many people don’t know how language works
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User Info: Justicecho

2 months ago#5
They also don’t have a Q or q sound. But It’s
still Square-enix/soft. スクウェア エニックス The fact they don’t have certain vowels or sounds doesn’t mean their intended names are wrong.

User Info: FrozenXylophone

2 months ago#6
They also call final fantasy : fainaru fantazii

Should we start calling it finaroo?


Learn how to say Final Fantasy with Japanese accent. Final Fantasy (fainaru fantazii): In Japanese, it can be written as ファイナル・ファンタジー . "Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー Fainaru Fantajī) is a media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is developed and owned by Square Enix (formerly Square).
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User Info: Guru_Clef

2 months ago#7
They actually don’t pronounce it “aeris” though...

User Info: Cobra1010

2 months ago#8
Weona Wewis back in the FF13 days. Or they pronounced it Reona Rewis.

They also dont have the L sound it seems.
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User Info: meteora88

2 months ago#9
No, they're not wrong to pronounce her name that way because, as you've said, they don't have the "th" sound in their language.

They try to keep it as close as possible to Aerith though.

To break it down, they pronounce it as "eh-ah-ri-su."

For Sephiroth, it's "se-fi-ro-su."

User Info: lorddrakath1522

2 months ago#10
Cobra1010 posted...
Weona Wewis back in the FF13 days. Or they pronounced it Reona Rewis.

They also dont have the L sound it seems.

Yeah, japanese people can't pronounce L which is the opposite of the chinese that can't pronounce R.
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  3. Wait....native Japanese people pronounce her name "Aeris"?
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