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User Info: mled

1 month ago#1
When the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced I immediately knew it was gonna suck.

The world is a different place now, skills have been lost, standards have been lowered, most remakes suck, Square-Enix has failed to release a good game in years.

Everything pointed towards this remake sucking.

Despite knowing this, the TGS trailer still managed to surprise me with how bad it was.

It went above and beyond, they really outdid themselves.

Every way I expected them to fail, they did so.

So based on everything shown about the game so far:

- They changed the gameplay from turn-based to an hybrid of action with a command box.
The gameplay itself may be fun, but it doesn't seem indicated for Final Fantasy VII.
Pure turn-based or ATB would be fine, specially with the name Final Fantasy VII attached.

- The music is a cheap orchestrated version of the original soundtrack.
Based on the ignorant view that orchestrating it will make it better.
It just loses it's synth identity and turns it into a generic soundtrack like most soundtracks today.

- The redesigned world and characters only seem to be 20% influenced by the original game/artwork.
Everything looks the same as in other modern games, everything is grim-dark unironically, everything aims to be hyper-realistic which really clashes with the sillier/more over the top parts in the game.
Locations look empty and lifeless.
It just doesn't feel like Final Fantasy VII.

- They clearly rewrote the story.
Added new characters (such as the bland looking new SOLDIER who doesn't seem like he fits in the world of Final Fantasy VII).
Added new important plot events (such as the Dementor looking dark spirits attacking 7th Heaven).
Changed characters such as Aeris/th who is now a frail girl in seek of help as opposed to the strong street-wise girl (at least from the footage shown so far).
Changed the story and flow/pacing to accommodate for the episodic launch.

You can't even meet the Turks now without having to fight them in a flashy Advent-Children-like battle.

Cloud had an iconic bike moment in the original, so the remake will run with that to the end of the world and now Cloud will have too many bike moments.

We now parachute with ALAVANCHE? President Shinra hologram? Tifa now needs to be saved from falling in Midgar?

All this reminds me of the Final Fantasy VII spin-offs which all had the same in common: they added characters, changed pre-existing characters, "expanded" the story and added elements that were not present in the original.

Basic throwaway characters will now have to be fleshed-out (like the AVALANCHE troupe).
A reminder of what Square-Enix did when they "fleshed-out": Vincent, Hojo, Lucrecia, Zack, Rufus, Sephiroth, etc in the spin-offs.

New characters will have to be created to justify a long, episode-extended narrative. Angeal, Genesis, Kadaj, Azul and all the members of the Tsviets. All great characters, right?

Expanding the original story means rewriting it to make it longer and to accommodate for the new characters and story events.
Just like the spin-offs did by retconning the original story and "expanding" upon it with ill thought drivel, poor logic or sense.

The spin-offs also had another thing in common. They all sucked really hard, to different extents, but they all sucked.

It's very hard to believe that Square-Enix is falling into the same traps but will manage to make it not suck this time.

Very hard indeed.

Liked how you can still be turned into a frog and squat (even if slowly). From all redesigns, Tifa and Tseng look the most similar with their originals. Still have their issues though.
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 month ago#2
I just don't have the energy to refute a monstrosity like this, someone else take the reigns

User Info: BrosukeHanamura

1 month ago#3
So you had absolutely no positives about the trailer TC? Seems you are determined to be hate it no matter what.
Don't buckle to agenda-splainers. Form your own opinion.
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User Info: 7656198

1 month ago#4
KarmelCHAOS posted...
I just don't have the energy to refute a monstrosity like this, someone else take the reigns

I stopped reading after the first sentence...Someone else wanna give it a go?
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

1 month ago#5
Wow, you are trying way too hard.
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User Info: tonberrymasta

1 month ago#6
KarmelCHAOS posted...
I just don't have the energy to refute a monstrosity like this, someone else take the reigns

I'll do it!!

mled posted...
When the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced I immediately knew it was gonna suck.

So what you are saying is that all of your opinions are potentially affected by confirmation bias, and therefore they are all fundamentally unreliable?

I'll be here all week.

User Info: erAEISer

1 month ago#7

You're like, three years too late with this whining, my dude.
-Angela says hi.

User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

1 month ago#8
This is mled's shtick, everyone. He does this on basically every board he goes on, especially FF. This post is the final straw for me, I finally have to put him on ignore. I thought maybe he had something of value to contribute for a while, but this has shown me that he's doubling down on the hate, so I feel pretty safe blinking him out of my existence.
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User Info: Realag666

1 month ago#9
Completly agree, this was like 75% cutscene montage.
They gonna make you pay 70 bucks for a 20 hour or less experience with stuff to collect or find to stretch it out for 10 more hours.

The Soundtrack was so bad it's not even funny. I can from the top of my head think of 10 or more "remasterd or remade" Songs from Youtube, which are by far better than what we got here in this trailer.
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User Info: Raxias24

1 month ago#10
I don't know anything about message board programming, but sometimes I wonder if a feature for mods to set everyone to ignore a user would be better than individual moderation or bans. (If such a feature was even possible)
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