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User Info: madmatt

1 month ago#1
There has been alot of grief about whether midgar alone could support a full game. The usual argument against it usually goes something like this...

"Biggs, jessie and wedge were majorly underused characters. Midgar was the most interesting setting of ff7 and needs to be expanded!"

My question is this... was the original final fantasy 7 so damn good because of the fast pacing? Had we spent disc 1 in midgar only focusing on obscure characters like jessie or wedge, would the game had been as well received and beloved? Could the pacing handle such a long hiatus in scenery?


Please... discuss.
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User Info: Guru_Clef

1 month ago#2
Playing it for the first time I had no idea the Midgar portion would end so suddenly. I was hoping to explore more of it, and now I can! Yeeeeee!

User Info: BreakevenCloud

1 month ago#3
From the sounds of all the interviews, it seems to me that Midgar only was not the initial plan, however, as they started deving, it became abundantly clear to them that Midgar was going to be massive due to whatever they were already doing, so they changed plans to make that the first entry.

I dunno what that means for the game, but due to it, seemingly, happening organically as they were making the game, it seems like a there’s not going to be a bunch of forced padding.

Anyway - yes, the game could flesh AVALANCHE out more and it be a very good thing. Their demise was so rushed and not very impactful to me on my first run. You barely learn their names before they’re gone. I’d like more depth there, for sure.

User Info: Dunal

1 month ago#4
I do think the pacing is too fast in the original and some parts do feel rushed. There are some areas that felt far too small (the sewers immediately comes to mind -- it's a 5 minutes screen excluding the boss, same with 'exploring' the upper plate after the first reactor etc...). It wasn't entirely a bad thing, but even if these areas were larger, I still think the pacing would have been good. It just saved dev time on their end and the game was already quite large post-Midgar.

Also wouldn't surprised me if entire sections got cut as well. It's a little too convenient that the party arrived where they did after sector 5 fell (a previous location in the game) considering the size of Midgar. They then also just re-used the wall market as a means to reach Shinra HQ. Both of those could have been a separate sector you have to travel to/from (which in context to the remake, could open the opportunity to have a lot of side content).

User Info: highwindxix

1 month ago#5
I think that the Avalanche characters were rather underutilized and more time and development with them would be nice. However, I think the brisk pacing of FFVII in general was excellent. I was thinking about the opening of the game the other day and how it just gets straight into it. It is a truly streamlined and excellent beginning of the game.
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User Info: Deanyzy

1 month ago#6
I predict that Midgar's gonna suck up a lot of the story that happens on the first continent. I'm pretty confident that the Kalm flashback will happen in Midgar with my idea being that, while they are trying to escape Shinra, the party takes refuge in a safehouse overnight and that's where the flashback scenes happen.I also think things like Elena's introduction in the mines will also happen in Midgar now.

I believe that part 2 will start with us walking into Junon and everything that happens between Junon and Midgar will either be cut (Mines) or moved elsewhere (Chocobo farm, Zolom, Condor). You could potentially move Zolom and Condor into Midgar as well.

I definitely think Midgar could support a game on it's own because I think they'll focus more on Avalanche this time around and will emphasise the struggles between Avalanche and Shinra more. I do think we'll get a new villain for Part 1 as well, someone capable of being a physically active presence in the story, someone who can push Avalanche to it's limits as neither the Turks nor the Shinra execs fit the bill. I also think we need a more impactful final battle than Motorball or whatever it's name is. I can see this villain being a new SOLDIER captain who has been rapidly promoted due to the utter destruction of 1st Class, he's after Avalanche and Part 1 ends with us fighting him in order to escape Midgar.

Also the whole moral quandary of Tifa and the others questioning Avalanche's methods could easily be explored further.

User Info: LOOOPS

1 month ago#7
I wonder if there will be post game content. Can't have a full sized game RPG without a post game nowadays.
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User Info: NotxAzazel

1 month ago#8
The pacing in the original was indeed very good, but let's be honest, some story elements were clearly rushed and/or didn't make total sense with some janky logic where you just go "yeah ok whatever"

Compared to FF9 it's night and day, where everything take it's time and everything has it's importance down the line, all this without breaking the tempo of the story.

And when I see what they did to FF this past decade, I don't trust them with writing meaningful and interesting things in Midgar to make it a 20h game...

User Info: LOOOPS

1 month ago#9
Any an idea I had was: Since Jenova is able to shapeshift like The Thing and imitate people, it shapeshifts to look like the head of Shinra at some point, so Shinra is under Jenova's thumb. The game will be focused on taking down the Shinra corporation, moreso than just the blowing up the reactors and the one Shinra raid to save Aeris that is in the original. The jenova aspect will tie it into the overarching story.

I love an alien takeover story... It could have They Live vibes. Then when you confront the imposter President Shinra, he graphically transforms into a Jenova monster. Oh and they can bring in John Carpenter to direct!
Shoot first, think never.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#10
FFVII was incredibly well-paced. I've said it a lot but when media leaves you wanting more of a setting or idea it is a good thing. Let me imagine what is beyond the narrative's path, give me a briefer experience that lingers and inspires as I go on with life. You cannot make an entire city interesting, not without unifying mechanics and interactive elements. It becomes a dull smear creativity-wise.
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