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1 year ago#1
Posting critical plot details about games, movies, time-delayed broadcast events, or other media in the title of a topic or in a message without a clear notice is prohibited. The decision to moderate such content will be made at the sole discretion of the site administrators. Don't post any plot spoilers without using spoiler tags to hide the content. This means any critical plot details that don't get revealed until you're well into a game, or the results of a time-delayed show or event.

- Actual spoilers should not be found within the topic title itself. Instead, use a vague title that does not contain the spoiler itself and give a warning that spoilers will be found in the post. For example, "Final boss battle help *SPOILERS*"
- In a topic without a spoiler warning in the topic title, all spoilers relating to the main topic of discussion must be marked with spoiler tags. For example: "John dies at the end"
- If you're posting plot spoilers for something that's not the main topic of discussion, explain exactly what you're spoiling before posting the tagged spoiler.
- Posting spoilers intentionally with the sole purpose of ruining the game for others is the worst kind of trolling, and will generally get you banned.

- NEVER post spoilers in a topic title
- Give a SPOILER WARNING in topic titles and use spoiler tags when posting within a message.
- Spoilers do not expire, what was a spoiler 30 years ago is a spoiler today
- A spoiler is a spoiler regardless if it's considered "common knowledge" or not
- If something is clearly seen/stated in promotional material (trailers, posters, statements from the developer/publisher) then it is no longer considered a spoiler.
- No other source, regardless of size/popularity, is official if it's not the game developer/publisher (Square-Enix)
- Leaks are NOT official and the information from them, true or not, are regarded as spoilers

(Some known spoilers, not a full list of spoilers)

- Aerith dies
- Zack dies
- Cloud isn't really a "SOLDIER"
- Hojo captures Aerith
- Jenova is an Alien
- Sephiroth is "beaten" by Cloud
- Sephiroth's real body is in the crater/lifestream
- The "Sephiroths" you face are "clones"
- Cloud "beats" Aerith
- Cloud gives Sephiroth the black materia
- Aerith summons Holy
- Reeve controls Cait Sith
- Rufus is killed by Diamond Weapon

If you are unsure if you are including a spoiler when posting, play it safe and tag it anyway. Better to include an unneeded tag than be moderation for something not tagged.

Please show courtesy for one another when discussing spoilers by following the guidelines, and thank you.
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  3. PLEASE READ: Regarding VII Spoilers
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