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  3. Is KoTR the greatest summon of all time?

User Info: squarion

1 month ago#1
Or is it Bahamut or someone else?
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User Info: tenpowers

4 weeks ago#2
In terms of usage, I don't care for it since it's slow.
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User Info: BladeWarrior

4 weeks ago#3
Lol., KOTR is just a summon from everyone's first RPG/game/FF.

It would be between Ramuh, Bahamut, or Odin.

User Info: GodsPoison

4 weeks ago#4
The final boss fight of the FF14 expansion Heavensward you fight a Primal version of Knights of the Round complete with King Arthur on a arena that slowly raises up into the sky as the fight goes on till finally your gazing down upon the land with the stars in the sky,above you. Its pretty damn epic.

As for it being a summon, nah man gotta go the Bahamut line for dragons! Dragons man!

User Info: Silkkeri

4 weeks ago#5
It'll always have a special place in my heart for being so ridiculously overpowered. As far as favourites go, I'd say Phoenix and Carbuncle for the amazing utility and Bahamut and Odin for general awesomeness.

User Info: serpentaurus

4 weeks ago#6
It is super op. In ff7 the most underated one is Hades.
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User Info: RoyMustang1990

4 weeks ago#7
Bahamut was my favorite simply because it's a bunch of cool looking Dragons that shoots energy beams out of their mouth
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User Info: Tetsuro343

4 weeks ago#8
Favorite is Diablo from FF8. I don't even like FF8 but that summon was dope.

User Info: Fiz57

4 weeks ago#9
We have 3 Bahamut in the original FF7 if I am not mistaken. Though I doubt Bahamut is available early if the remake FF7 is part of triology release.

Well, my favorite is Doomtrain from FF8 because it caused status ailment effect as well.
Cardboard boxes are amazing. You could use it to sneak around. Drop on someone to stun them. Heck if you aren't satisfy with ramming, try a tank through co-op.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

4 weeks ago#10
There's nothing even close to as strong in ffvii.
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  3. Is KoTR the greatest summon of all time?
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