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  3. Can someone explain to me how the original was such a gigantic game?

User Info: Bal_Sett

1 week ago#1
I mean sure, for playstation 1 it was pretty big and had to span across 3 discs. I just don't see why this is a thing for current gen.

It sounds like people are making FFVII to be the biggest rpg ever created (even bigger than current or last gen rpgs) and that seems far fetched.
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User Info: Rhift

1 week ago#2
The original game had very simplistic graphics and was able to portray a lot with just text and simple images. It was basically just pre-rendered backgrounds with simple character models running around on it.

The remake, on the other hand, has to recreate these environments in full 3D with modern graphics. Everything that the original was able to get away with by just using text and simple graphics, the remake now has to fully recreate in modern HD, fully 3D graphics. That's a heavy burden for even the best video game studio.

If the remake were simply a remaster, just updating the backgrounds and character models, but keeping gameplay and everything else the same, it would be far more manageable.
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

1 week ago#3
Bal_Sett posted...
I mean sure, for playstation 1 it was pretty big and had to span across 3 discs. I just don't see why this is a thing for current gen.

Because it's not a chibi, fixed camera angle game anymore. The game is still pretty damn long and with a lot of stuff to do even today, let alone remaking all of that in full-scale with current gen tech. Just isn't gonna happen in one game these days.
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User Info: shadow666

1 week ago#4
On the PS1, it wasn't. Well, pretty big, but obviously manageable. When recreating that into modern SE design standards however, it is.

The world was smaller than someone who only played it once as a kid and hasn't touched since might remember. Midgar's sectors were only a few screens wide. Towns were a single screen. If you're remaking this world with epic modern presentation, not only is trying to recreate these areas in player-explorable 3D quite a lot of work, but remake them directly and the world will end up looking strangely small, so areas also need to be expanded. On the other hand, many areas didn't actually serve much purpose in the original; Kalm was only there so the party could stop for a flashback sequence that takes place somewhere else. In a modern game, they'd get more content out of that work put into an area. So while the same number of areas may get stretched into multiple games for the remake, you can expect more to do in each area to get multiple games worth of actual content out of it.

Also: cutscenes. In the original, this could literally just be a couple of lines. Written and scripted in minutes by a single person. Now, even just basic dialogue would require custom animations for multiple characters, with voice acting for each, and for the environment/camera to support the camerawork. Huge amounts of work, across multiple departments, all for something that was, programming-wise, insignificant in the original.

Other issues too, those are just quick examples. Pretty much every aspect is more complicated than the original, and while they obviously have more developers and better tools, they can't develop games in the same way anymore. People have been complaining for years about how the modern games are smaller than the old ones; this isn't because SE are just lazy, it's that it's taking more effort to keep improving the presentation, so they've had to cut back on things like vast, explorable worlds while being smarter with getting more content out of the work they can do (and yeah, they haven't been smart enough). They can't just take the old vast game template that was designed for the capabilities of the time, and remake it with all the modern bells and whistles. They would either need to cut a lot of the original's content, roll back their presentation standards - and while I'd be fine for this, face it, Square were pushing presentation forward even with the original game, this is what you should expect from them - or split the project up.
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User Info: BreakevenCloud

1 week ago#5
One of the first games with a marketing blitz, on top of its quality for the time.

Edit: lol - morning brain. Yeah, just FMVs took up the three discs. All regular data is on every disc
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User Info: Nathanmg

1 week ago#6
Simply put, it wasn't. The 3 discs were only necessary due to the FMV file sizes, the game itself was hardly any bigger in scale than RPGs preceding it.
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User Info: MMX377

1 week ago#7
We had FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX because they had three or two discs for old, classic legendary PS1. Now FFX and all FF games has just one disc because they can suppress a lot of GB data in them and PS2 - PS4 can handle them very well.
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User Info: Locke_Leonhart

1 week ago#8
It wasn't.

User Info: TomorrowDog

1 week ago#9
It's not about data size. Let's stop talking about data size.
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User Info: MMX377

1 week ago#10
I remembered something about three discs that had the same data. In disc 1, everything is the main game with scenarios and FMVs. Then to disc 2, everything is the same with different scenarios and FMVs. Some of them are not access or already completed some main game after.

While playing classic FFVII on classic PS1 console, you pop up and take the disc 1 off and place disc 2. Then close the cap. It still works, but when you go to the main game, FMV will different and it will spoiler you with what happened next. But you're still remaining to play the main game without skipping to the next main game (Disc 1, 2, 3, and 4), like a normal game.

Sorry. It's hard for me to explain, but I'd appreciate it if someone knows what I'm trying to explain. Thanks.
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  3. Can someone explain to me how the original was such a gigantic game?