NA Vita demo is live on PSN

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User Info: catchthemouser

1 year ago#1
Downloading it now...

Hoping we don't get shafted on launch day.

User Info: ultimalegion

1 year ago#2
Your message was posted around the time I left for the gym. I am posting this now that I am back from said gym. I can't freaking sign into PSN...
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User Info: Last_Exile26

1 year ago#3
i tried every link and it didnt work, but when i tried on my vita and searched "world of final fantasy" it worked.
"Because I Was Inverted"

User Info: JerDaBEAR

1 year ago#4
Same for me, looked everywhere else and tried search as a last ditch, they've done that with a lot of stuff, i still don't know why.
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  3. NA Vita demo is live on PSN

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