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User Info: saiwong

1 month ago#1

Not sure what happened but when I launched the game today I was back at level 10. I seem to have lost a lot of
progress. Where did my current save files go ?

Since I have PS+ I managed to download my cloud saves that brought me back to level 17, but I've still lost alot
of progress.

I think from now on I will backup more to cloud save

I tried to play from level 17, but I had no motivation to go through previous missions, it just made me sad.
I will try again in a few days to try replay and get back the lost progress but it will take a long time :(

User Info: thoul

1 month ago#2
All I can suggest is don't rely only on the game's autosave or quicksave. I lost some progress (not as much as you) because I had to revert to one of those and only older ones were available for some reason.

User Info: saiwong

1 month ago#3
Thanks for the advice thoul, did you manage to work out why your saves disappeared ?

I'm not sure if I had a bad save for something.

I going to use more save files and cycle through them so if one fails I hopefully won't lose
too much. Also more frequent backup to cloud storage

User Info: thoul

1 month ago#4
No, I never figured out what happened with mine. I didn't investigate it much because I didn't loose a whole lot of progress and it only happened the one time.

User Info: SheenavsKilley

1 month ago#5
Which save should we backup anyway? The save system is as bad as the Batman games.
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