2 months ago #3
    I feel the exact same! I started this game a few months ago after grabbing it on sale and nothing grabbed me. Seemed like another generic open world game full of endless amounts of fluff. My attention was then grabbed by God of War (an amazing game).

    About two weeks ago I finished God of War so decided to get Horizon another shot. I'm around level 25 now am considering just dropping it. I'm at the part where I'm going to investigate the woman that looks like my mother.

    The best part of this game for my by far is the robot dinosaurs. I enjoy hunting them and breaking off their parts. The combat and controls also feel rock solid (except for the terrible hitboxes with arrows and enemies).

    But there is just nothing interesting or innovative to me about the story. On top of that Aloy is such a lifeless character with zero personality. Her voice acting is so bad and flat. EVERYTHING she says is muttered under her breath in the same unemotional, over dramatic way. It makes sense since Ashly Burch isn't a voice actor. I can't believe they'd hire her for such a big system seller exclusive. She was funny in HAWP, but that show certainly wasn't great because of her acting.

    Does something about this get better to change my mind? Because as fun as hunting robots is, it's going to wear off soon and the story and open-world fetch quests certainly aren't going to hold my attention. Especially since the open world is largely lifeless and just open landscape. The "dungeons" are few and far between and even then all look the same.

    So far this game feels much more average than all the hype has lead me to believe.