2 months ago #1
    Let me just start out by saying this game really didnt start hooking me until I reached around level 20ish which by that point I had pretty much given up hope of it being more than forgettable. I was pleasantly surprised. I started to love the combat and wow the story really picks up and grabs you.

    But for every great plot hook there's two s*** uninteresting side quests. For every interesting NPC there's a slew of boring ones. For every good fight there's a fight with seemingly endless waves of enemies. I kill 3 and a whole new group of 4 zero in on my position. For every tactical kill, there's someone killing me from some attack a half mile away off camera or one shotting me with two bars of health . And around all this is a protagonist that still just doesnt seem to respond with enough emotion or character to sell it. There are moments but in general her dialog is so cookie cutter and bland.

    I'm ready to be finished with it. It's one of the most amazing games that I've become genuinely disappointed with because it has so much going for it.