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User Info: KalebShmaleb

2 months ago#1
So I have played through the Frozen Wilds before, I took on the Fireclaw and it nearly destroyed me on Normal. I'm back again on Ultra Hard NG+ and I was wondering what I could do to stay alive for more than 30 seconds when facing a Fireclaw.
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User Info: the_rowan

1 month ago#2
Both of the bear-like enemies can be kited until they do the repeated rushing swipe move, at which point you need to roll between their legs. That's kind of all there is to it. You're otherwise doing the same freeze > go ham routine as normal. They can be trapped with ropes as well if you need a breather.

I mean, that's not literally all there is to it, but basically everything else can be i-framed with dodge rolls either towards or perpendicular to the attack. Generally speaking, the fight is made much easier by having a high damage output and high rate of fire. Freeze ASAP and go to town with Hardpoint arrows. Don't destroy the components that create explosions while it's frozen.
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User Info: VegaGG

4 weeks ago#3
Freeze them with a Rattler and then go nuts with the Rattler again.
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  3. *Spoilers* So I'm going to start the Frozen Wilds (NG+ Ultra Hard)