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  3. So I just got this game *spoilers*

User Info: LightningAce11

3 months ago#1
Up to my first bandit camp.

I'm liking it so far, but bits and pieces don't completely hit the mark for me. Ranged combat is satisfying, but up close not so much. The weather effects and nature look top notch, but the humans look uncanny at times.

Is there a point where it really picks up? I feel like I've only just scratched the surface.
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User Info: Berating

3 months ago#2
yeah you have barely just begun. don't rush to it, but the game does open up once you reach Meridian

also, melee combat is not the main focus of the gameplay, tho some skills do cater to it. on higher difficulties it's more about using your Focus to scope out the area before you start an engagement, and decide if you want to use traps or not before you actually start the fight

but mostly you're gonna be using your bow and other ranged weapons
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User Info: AdventSoul

3 months ago#3
I recently started myself. Spent several nights just killing machines in the beginning area farming scrap getting used to everything. Once I opened it up more and can now travel farther it's getting fun.

I can agree about melee, just doesn't fit right for some reason.
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User Info: GasmanOAV

3 months ago#4
If you like melee it works real well on lower difficulties because you’re overpowered.

I like stealth, sneaking up behind machines and silent strike. My favorite stealth kill is the stalkers. I hid this because you probably haven’t gotten to these yet.
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User Info: roboknux

3 months ago#5
Definitely more of a stealth oriented game, but you can still melee/tank on lower difficulties and easier enemies at the end game. I found the beginning to be very slow, but like everyone said it picks up when you get to Meridian

User Info: Strategia555

3 months ago#6
You'll enjoy it a lot more after being able to take over 2 Behemoths and watch them destroy one another.
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 months ago#7
I fought this one fire spit creature. How do I take it over? I've been fighting monsters, scanning them but no dice.
"I'm an atheist too but still believe in hell. That's where you're headed pal." - Mr_Karate_II

User Info: Strategia555

3 months ago#8
You'll not be able to take some machines over till after visiting more cauldrons. There are some that you'll not be able to control at all. Look in your Monster Menu at a monster's description. It will say whether not not it's able to be taken over and a cauldron to clear in order to do it.
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User Info: Phadin

3 months ago#9
If you are still only past the first bandit camp, there is only one cauldron you can visit so far. It's somewhere west north-west of the bandit camp. Investigate the mysterious signal up there to find the cauldron, or get a quest from someone that will point you to it. that will expand the machines you can override.

The other cauldrons are on the other side of Daytower, so you need to proceed with the main quest to get access to the other half of the map.

User Info: shadestreet

3 months ago#10
1) Melee combat will never be enjoyable. Game is built around ranged bow fighting (or some other interesting weapons if you get/play the DLC), setting traps, stealth kills, and overriding.

2) Game will pick up once you get to Meridian. I would suggest focusing on main storyline a bit until you get to that point as it will open up more weapons, and from there maybe branch out to complete side quests you find interesting.

3) I would like to point out that the best armor in the game, which is completely optional, but incredibly useful (especially in the DLC) requires you to find 5 "power cells" which are scattered throughout the game. Four of them are pretty easy to get to if you miss them along your journey, so I won't comment on them. But one of them is pretty damn tricky to retrieve if you miss it on the first run through a late dungeon.

So I am encouraging you to make a mental note. When you get to the storyline event Makers End, at the top of the FAS tower (the primary 'stage' of this event) you can find a Power Cell by carefully searching. Make sure you find it before you exit the stage (rappelling down the tower). Trust me. Major pain in the ass to get back up there (let alone find the entrance to FAS Tower) if you walk away without it.

Got it? Makers End. Power Cell at top of the Tower. Retrieve before you Rappel down.
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