Best way to approach purchasing weapons and outfits?

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User Info: John_Dory

1 year ago#1
Just got to Mother's Crown. I currently just have the tripcaster you buy before the Proving and the Carja hunting bow you get afterwards. Still wearing the outfit Teb gives you as well.

Should I be saving up to get the Shadow/Heavy gear, or should I be going for the Carja/medium stuff?
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User Info: Fusionnojutsu

1 year ago#2
If you have the shards and materials, go for the shadow stuff. If not, then go steady and get the Carja stuff before moving up to the Shadow stuff. Shards go pretty fast early on, but later on, you'll have them in spades. I'd definitely get the upper tier weapons asap though, as they offer more combat options with the different ammo types.
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User Info: ARMs7777

1 year ago#3
i would say the medium stuff if you want to have fun. The purple gears will ruin the difficulty, if it is important to you in anyway.

User Info: Lansfield

1 year ago#4
I went straight for Shadow lol...was tedious farming for them in Nora

User Info: Zero-Dawn

1 year ago#5
You can upgrade your outfit bag to be exactly big enough to hold every single armour in the game. Buy them all and swap around for fun, as the games pretty easy.
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User Info: Nasteeman

1 year ago#6
I usually go for the best stuff I can afford at the time. I finds it usually helps make it a little easier to survive long enough to get to the better stuff. That's pretty much my standard way of doing it in any game I play, It doesn't really take any more time than if I were to save up for the better stuff, and I get hurt a lot less on the way.
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User Info: Nikosphere7

1 year ago#7
It's worth buying some of the blue Carja weapons/armor on your way to Meridian, the extra mod slot really helps makes the start of the game less difficult. Meridian is a long trek, especially if you're taking time to explore, and you'll want the journey there to be fun instead of avoiding every difficult encounter.

Once there, the Shadow War Bow a good early upgrade as it lets you fire corruption arrows.

User Info: kreate

1 year ago#8
idk if SPOILERS. I don't think so. but could be.

u can rush urself all the way to meridian. on the way there is a fire and ur first thunderjaw site right next to the fire.

use trip wire and that weapon/ammo that blows off components from dinosaurs.

blow off the side weapon from the thunderjaw. pick up that weapon. use the weapon to take down the thunderjaw.

insane amount of money, exp, blazers, chillwater, mods. which u can sell and buy the all the shadow weapons and mod them.

meridian merchants pretty much sell everything for u to craft and level anything u want.
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User Info: Ollie_NL

1 year ago#9
Do you guys also get the light and medium stuff?
I went straight for the heavy stuff and never bought a light or medium armor.

User Info: TooManyHours

1 year ago#10
I used the suit I was given by that guy at the Proving until the point I was able to buy my first Heavy suit (at Daytower I believe) and I switched to the Heavy Nora Survivor for the elements protection and I put in extra fire and frost mods.

Used that for some time and then switched to the Heavy Nora Silent Hunter with the +50 Stealth and added 2 purple stealth mods at over 40% each.

God I love this suit. With the Low Profile and Quiet Sprint skills, I'm running all over the place practically invisible.

This suit is my keeper until I get all the power cells for the Shield Weaver.

As for the weapons, I didn't get any upgrades until I made it to Meridian where I then proceeded to farm the stuff that I needed to get all the Shadow variants (except for the Rattler - I never bought it green, blue or purple).

I only have the Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds to do to finish off the blazing suns for the 3 Lodge weapons.
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