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  3. The nonstop pandering to the SJW agenda in this game is getting old fast

User Info: wwk

2 years ago#111
yeah its pretty gross. the writers are PC SJWs who pander, big league
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User Info: Ebak_the_cat

2 years ago#112
JonathanB- posted...
Sed posted...
liger0jaeger posted...
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weird, works for me.


fast fwd to 50:36

Oh my dog. How can anyone say this is not a blatant and cringey pandering for feminism?

Aloy was almost about to give a speech for the wage gap if giving more time with that ridiculous strawman embodiment of the evil patriarchy.

I have to admit. I love this game. I did find that scene a little cringy. I think it started out fine but went a little too far.

On the other hand, all she has ever known is a female lead society, and she is talking to someone who is part of a society that is currently ruled by a man. Something she has not heard of before. Her curiosity about that I am fine with.

The blatant pointing out the matriarchy of the Nora to this person is where I think it overstepped things and started to act like it was trying to point something out. That is however the only line in the exchange I have an issue with.

The rest was perfectly fine, I especially love the 'dangling' reference she made since she does have a point when it comes to the culture. Plus it seems natural for people from different cultures to have different opinions and beliefs. We have that in our world now.

I don't think it's pandering though, nor do I think the game is overtly pushing some kind of agenda. It was one cringy line in an otherwise decent game. Granted I haven't finished it yet.
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  3. The nonstop pandering to the SJW agenda in this game is getting old fast
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