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User Info: Captenhook87

1 year ago#1
I am looking for someone to play GRWL must have mic and 18 or older. Laid back but still like to play with purpose. Like to play as stealth as possible. Gt: captenhook87

User Info: midnyghtsson265

1 year ago#2
Bkb black steel
Currently playing: 7 Days to Die, GTA: Online, Ghost Recon Wildlands. Gamertag is BKB Black Steel

User Info: Ntk_Monaco17

1 year ago#3
18 and older? What are you, trying to get in bed with me?

GT- Ntk Monaco17

User Info: UrbanIAssasin_

1 year ago#4
I will have to FIND my mic but I'm up for it.

Gt: The Amazing TS

User Info: Captenhook87

1 year ago#5
@ntk hahahaha.

User Info: tristanfisher86

1 year ago#6
Look me up ghosts. I'm 30 so mostly chill and mature
Gamertag: Unhonest Abe
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