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User Info: justinbebustin

4 months ago#1
This execution needs to be fixed! I don't know what causes him to jump back after the animation, but I won't use it near lava again!!

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User Info: nubs222

4 months ago#2
Oh yeah, this is indeed a bug with the execution. He gets hit by the ragdoll body or something it seems. It's happened to me before too. At the time I felt it was actually a beneficial bug since it ended the execution earlier.
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User Info: arr_me_maytee

4 months ago#3
Yeah that can happen with a few executions. I've killed myself that way with Tiandi's swallows backspin execution several times. Funny s***.
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User Info: Kensaimage

3 months ago#4
That was hot
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  3. JJ SUICIDE! Lesson learned!
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