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User Info: Kazama01

5 months ago#1
Several years in, and I just keep coming back to this game. Despite all of its flaws, I still love it.

PS5 / XSX are supposedly capable of 4k 60fps. I would hate to leave this game behind, and playing it at 60fps would be even better. I’d keep playing as long as they keep putting out new characters.

I’ll never be able to afford a gaming pc and monitor, but a PS5 should be within reason. I also know that as soon as I have a PS5 and a handful of games, I won’t bother hooking up the old PS4 anymore. I really hope I get to take For Honor with me.
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User Info: arr_me_maytee

5 months ago#2
A while back in a ubisoft pres conference they said that they intend on pushing their competitive live service games into the next console generation.

For Honor wasn't directly mentioned but it falls into that category so it seems likely.
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User Info: shads3055

5 months ago#3
I hope this game keeps getting updates. I am going to buy the yr4battle pass bundle and the new character later today.

User Info: ng1294

5 months ago#4
I hope this one gets ported over too, I love this game

User Info: RJ-MacReady

5 months ago#5
I'd love it if they eventually did a next gen graphical update for owners of PS5 and XSX. I do however want to support a sequel built around next gen architecture because I think the game would look amazing.

Me personally in two years time I'd definitely be ready for a for honor sequel. Probably won't happen that soon but I feel I'd be ready fir a sequel by then. No matter its flaws I keep coming back to it because there's no game that plays like it.
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