Why does everyone run away so much?

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User Info: Immortal_Azrael

1 year ago#1
Maybe it's just me but it seems like everyone runs away unless they have you outnumbered. Hardly anyone I've encountered will actually stand and fight if it's one on one. I don't mind uneven fights now and then but it's kind of annoying when everyone expects me to chase them across the map until they find someone to back them up.
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User Info: THEB0SS666

1 year ago#2
Because there p******.

User Info: steviekool

1 year ago#3
I had the same issue, I chased people all through the map until I just gave up chasing. I am wondering if those may be AI players because it happened a few times and the pattern seemed the same.

User Info: remmus64

1 year ago#4
One of the reason I like Dominion, if they run away I punish by taking a control point and push them closer to permadeath.

User Info: Emmure

1 year ago#5
It's why I stick to Duel and Brawl for the most part. I want to fight; not play tag.

When I play Dominion, I'm usually a Warlord or Conquerer guarding our closest point so if they run I just let them.

User Info: Mernardi

1 year ago#6
I love the one on one fights. I won't run away from those tbh. But if I'm getting triple teamed, I'm running to heal a teammate if possible.
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User Info: lenmutt

1 year ago#7
i think i've only ran away a fewtimes

in umm the 4v4 mode often due to my opponent running for a boost decided to do that for a match as orochi boy that is busted

get speed up grab all power rubs heavy attack while enemy is busy

very scrubby and dishonorable won't do it again but was interesting to see

in domain and 4v4 as peacekeeper trying to get a feel for her shank em and go style but I am s*** at the timing xD i always go too fast resulting in one stab sometimes to so as much as I wanted to love her had to pass her up. Funnily I had a 2v2 were a peacemaker was playing very peacemakery but their teammate wasn't having it and after like 7 rounds she started playing honorably was pretty cool

and the last time was I wanted to level up my Warden haha and there was this red and black orochi had a good 1v1 in a 4v4 with him and the gap in their skill with orochi and my level barley 4 warden was immense and in the second round i was paired with them and I was like NOPE time to change dancing partners!

but in 1v1, 2v2, and usually in 4v4 I don't run also depends on character

Nobushi I always bow.... even if I almost get killed for it

Berserker I charge in

Peacemaker run but as I said her stab n go style and me don't jive well I wish it did but nope

ect ect ect

basically in my head

Honor = 1v1 and 2v2

Anything goes items on poke floats = 4v4

WAR = Domain but I will be honorable if I can especially if Nobushi

being honorable in every mode you'll end up like honorable characters in GOT haha

User Info: lenmutt

1 year ago#8
Mernardi posted...
I love the one on one fights. I won't run away from those tbh. But if I'm getting triple teamed, I'm running to heal a teammate if possible.

I am down for this but don't get I have seen 3 people in 4 v 4 get stcuk in 1 vs 4 and decide f*** it i'mma run out the clock! that will show em and waste everyone's time v_v

User Info: Praise_the_Sun_

1 year ago#9
Human nature.

No one wants to die, even a virtual death.
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User Info: iphan4tic

1 year ago#10
WAAC players. The same players who are often incapable of defeating you 1 v 1.

I gave up on Elimination because 70% of the time it was just chasing people. So fun. Not to mention all the oher bulls***. And the longer I play Brawl the more often I meet WAAC players.
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