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User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

7 months ago#51
I mean, I take it you're fairly new to RPGs, so I can't really recommend my favorite, SMT Nocturne, because it's a game designed with JRPG vets in mind. And it's an older game, so the lack of menu-saving feels a bit archaic. The game proudly beats your ass with every other boss and potentially every other random encounter in the first half just to set the tone and introduce mechanics because of course surviving a demonic apocalypse is suppose to suck.

Honestly, it's more about what you want in an RPG. Do you want to make unique characters that play completely differently from others? Do you want a more story-driven affair? Do you like JRPG conventions? These things matter.
I will say that this game and Stick of Truth have issues of being too easy and lacking replayability, but they're comedy games, and that's kinda to be expected. I'll say that I'm probably a quarter the way through the game and I really do feel that Stick of Truth was just the better game all around.
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User Info: Pig143

6 months ago#52
Sometimes table top style dice games can be really fun, especially if you have creative friends
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User Info: flayer6

3 months ago#53
So we played kh3, for over 90 hours. The completionist, treasure collecting aspect/lucky emblem search and the super simple button mashing action really worked. Of course, familiar characters don't hurt but she really tuned out during the ultra complex story. I'll be hard pressed to find another game that keeps her attention unless it's Mario related. Suggestions for games with huge amounts of dialog like FF won't go over well. I couldn't even get her through the opening scenes of twilight princess, which I knew might happen.

Coincidentally, I,on my own, am playing Shadow Hearts.
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