What does YOUR ryder look like?

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User Info: Raziel689

1 year ago#141
My current Sara Ryder
GT FunkFlyBoy, Lv160 Vaikari, Ranger
Alt GT SaviorNDestroyr, Lv164 Leonora, Sorcerer/Ranger. GT: MalformedLamb8, Draken Lv0 Strider

User Info: SorryBonehead

1 year ago#142
Here is my take on both Scott and Sara. I don't have screenshots so, sorry for that. I spent at least 5 hours on them if that accounts for anything.

Male : https://masseffectarchives.com/#user/2712803251/playthrough/914250811/gender/male
Female : https://masseffectarchives.com/#user/2712803251/playthrough/914250811/gender/female

Tried to make them look italian - blue eyed, just enough so that the color stands out but not as much as to make them look like Bradley Cooper on NZT.

Hope that pleases someone.

User Info: snake_dante44

1 year ago#143
Here's my Scott Ryder, just in case if you guys haven't seen him yet.






And... i made another Scott, but he only made it to the first landing on habitat 7, so i don't have many pics of him.




I wanted to make look badass, a little bit like Shepard, but failed because of the lack of CC features.

So which Scott you like better?

User Info: thechairmen

1 year ago#144
You all have such good and awesome looking Ryders.

User Info: grehik24

1 year ago#145
I've been in the process of making another... Recognizable one.. Will update once it's done

I'm Bruce Payne!.... AND I'M OUT!

User Info: NHZ

1 year ago#146
Your Scott Ryder looks like Coras would be brother

User Info: snake_dante44

1 year ago#147
NHZ posted...
Your Scott Ryder looks like Coras would be brother

Do you mean my Scott? if so, then which one? the first one or the last one?

User Info: xGenocidest

1 year ago#148


User Info: ilordi

1 year ago#149
Cute lips

User Info: digitalwill2000

1 year ago#150
WHY do PEOPLE randomly decide TO allcaps A RANDOM word OR two IN THEIR TITLES?
Bart-Mangled Banner is the greatest Simpsons episode. It is great for the exact same reason american audiences hate it: because it captures them so accurately.
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  3. What does YOUR ryder look like?

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