Best squadmates for mission banter / cutscene dialogue?

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  3. Best squadmates for mission banter / cutscene dialogue?

User Info: ftatman

11 months ago#1
In your experience, what squadmates have the most/best banter and lines when taking them out on missions?

Cora always seems to have a lot to say. I like Drack and Vetra but I would want to know if they have decent banter.

User Info: Pewpewblaster97

11 months ago#2
Jaal and Vetra have pretty good banter with everyone in my experience.

User Info: macknifficent89

11 months ago#3
i like jaal and drack, plus their interactions are pretty funny

User Info: doodlecrazy

11 months ago#4
Jaal just makes the most sense to have with you when talking to anagarins. I just like vetra really (and turians in general)
Humans are boring, tho liam seems nice enough
Drack is an inferior grunt who was an inferior wrex
Peebee (well the writers are) trying too hard to be quirky
I'd call you a C***, but I doubt you have either the depth or the capacity to give pleasure.
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User Info: rrk1991

11 months ago#5
It really depends on what you are doing. Angara stuff? Bring jaal. Quest pertaining to asari? Cora.

User Info: foodeater4

11 months ago#6
I had a good convo with Drack and Peebee , just driving around in the nomad.

But Peebee talking about how Asari and Krogan live along time and how Drack probably only has as many years left as Ryder does now and how he feels.
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  3. Best squadmates for mission banter / cutscene dialogue?

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