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  3. Bioware has confirmed female Shepard is the official Shepard

User Info: SpaghettiCookie

2 months ago#111
So...you admit most people are buying the female version? Seriously stop with your tantrum. If you want to talk we can but you’re being rude.
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User Info: maximumjack

2 weeks ago#112
I'll wait till your love comes down
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User Info: DE4THWI5H

1 week ago#113
SpaghettiCookie posted...
Yeah 9 years ago is 9 years ago. People changed, politics changed, leadership changed. Aaryn Flynn wanted less male characters on covers and felt that making people happy was more important than the lore of a game being sound. So you could say it was a move in his decision but Casey is in charge and nothing changed so I’m not sure

Exactly. The people responsible for Mass Effect have mostly left the company. So now we have people who didn't make the original games deciding that femshep is the real Shepard to pander to the PC crowd.

I have no problem with female leads or characters. I enjoyed playing Sara Ryder much more than Scott. The Portal games, the Mirror's Edge games... but it's obvious that the people who made the original triology intended for official Shepard to be male. As was stated, they used an actual person to model the look after while Femshep was a generic version made in the character creator. Even when they made an official femshep 2 games late, it was just "pick what color hair to give makeup spray painted generic femshep."

As for "making people happy." You mean making the overly loud mentally deranged crazy people on twitter? I'm sorry that (current year) Bioware now wants to rewrite history. That's nothing new for SJWs. Sheploo is the official Shepard and saying he isn't doesn't change what already happened.

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  2. Mass Effect: Andromeda
  3. Bioware has confirmed female Shepard is the official Shepard
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