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  3. Why do so many Mass Effect fans hate the human characters?

User Info: JVillJags

4 months ago#41
In a sci go game about aliens why would anyone like the humans? I'm annoyed that I could an alien Shepherd.

User Info: Hiskias

4 months ago#42
I don't HATE any of the characters, with the possible exception of Vega. The fan fiction that he inexplicably (someone know the reason?) got promoted to the game from is absolutely lame.


James Vega: I reluctantly use him in squads due to his surviving power.

Kaidan: I've always left him on Virmire since he's even more bland than Ashley. However, in my latest playthrough of ME3 only, I didn't use a saved game from previous parts, and discovered that he was actually a very competent squad mate to my infiltrator-Shepard.

Ashley: It's a pain to listen to her conversations, especially if one is trying to (cringe) romance her.
She does LOOK good, though, in ME3.

Miranda: She's fine, although I never forgave her wanting to put a control chip in my brain. Hence I never did any PG rated scenes with her.

Jacob: Completely forgettable. I mostly just ignored the guy.

Zaeed: Interesting character but suffered from not having the same depth as the non-DLC ones.

Kasumi: I like her, but she has same problem as Zaeed. I would've liked much more interaction with her. Too bad also that she wasn't a particularly strong team mate.

Jack: Too one-dimensional. I wanted to like her, but she just doesn't let me. (The conclusion of the romance scene was heart warming though).

Liam: Not worse than Jaal, but that's not saying much. Maybe it's the voice acting of those two. I usually don't take them on missions.

Cora: I get so tired of her yammering about Sarissa and her manuals that I absolutely have to reject Sarissa as asari pathfinder. Other than that and her terrible hairdo, I don't hate her.

As for the protagonist, I very much prefer him/her to be the same species that I am. It just somehow wouldn't feel right to play a non-human character. I guess I'm a bit biased that way :)

User Info: sano83

4 months ago#43
Hiskias posted...
She does LOOK good, though, in ME3.
Ewww she does not look good in Mass Effect 3.
She doesn't look good in any of the games, but she looks way way way worse in the last game of the trillogy,
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User Info: Mudonis

3 months ago#44
Personally the only human Mass Effect Characters I ever hated at some point were Ashley, Kaden, and Miranda.

Miranda eventually grew on me and as I played through ME2. I actually began to like her after she started to open up to me.

Kaden I managed to make up with and become friends again.

Ashley however I stayed hating her. A b**** till the end.
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  3. Why do so many Mass Effect fans hate the human characters?
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