EA are holding my gamertag hostage, need help!!!

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User Info: Mattarus

7 months ago#1
So basically I've been trying to link my gamer tag on xbox live to my EA account for quite some time, but have been trying with renewed vigor recently (wanted to uee the companion app for Mass Effect Andromeda, I'd recently picked up a cheap copy on xbox one so I could play with a friend). So on Sunday I contacted EA help to ask why all the things in their "link your psn/xbox profile to your ea profile/account" article were not working for me. The first assistant ended the chat after he kept linking the same article again and again despite me telling him I'd tried all of that.

The next assistant actually made some progress, but told me that the Xbox live gamertag I had was already linked to an EA account (off I thought at this point) but they asked for any other email addresses I had. I gave them every email address I've ever had over the last 18 years, even the first email address I had ever had at 14 years old (it, like me has not aged well these last 18 years). But the account it's linked to was not one of those either! They suggested speaking to Microsoft... Microsoft told me they understand my problem but cannot unlink or link EA accounts as it's an EA service.

I had never had a microsoft account compromised, I had never used someone elses xbox etc. They suggested speaking to EA. So the next time I speak to EA they ask me to go to my xbox dashboard log in, show my contact details, email address and other identifiers. I show them all of that, that it matches my EA/Origin account details (and always has so long as I've had both accounts). They tell me that they can see the problem but will need to be on the phone to them to sort it and will need to get a call back from EA to resolve all of this. I log on to the page, sort the call back and begin the 20 minute process by now that I'm very used to.... verifying my account, retelling the story, going through the article and all the steps that I've done before. Again, to no avail. They tell me that I cannot have the link to the fraudsters account as they need that fraudsters permission to un-link MY xbox live gamertag.

Every EA game I've ever played I've always used the same details, so it's not like it's me defrauding myself... I've had very unhelpful suggestions, such as just make a new xbox live gamertag (and lose all my achiievement points, online/profile purchases since 2007 and friends etc (now if this had happened two to three years ago it wouldnt be such an issue, or if microsoft could clone my account and then I just use that one instead, but alas.... wishes being false and what not). Someone suggested it's because my xbox live gamertag now differs from my EA accounts user name (but it didn't used to, they used to be the same) and that I should pay the £8 to get my xbox name changed to the same as my current EA profile name (not even mentioning it detected my PSN account details which haven't been used in a very very long time). So now they can't unlink the ea account because it breaches the fraudsters permissions, I cannot access products and services associated with my xbox live account (like the Mass Effect: Andromeda app or battlefront companion app). So essentially I'm being held hostage, by some fraudsters and EA can help, but wont because the fraudster has seemingly more of a right to my accounts than I do!!

EA have been no help at all, are capable of resolving the issue, but won't as seemingly the fraudster has more protections, rights and entitlements to my own accounts than I do, and are now locking me out from accessing the full content of products i have bought and paid for because of this fraudster!

Essentially someone out there has my xbox live gamertag "Mattarus" linked to their EA profile and I can't use companion apps or services like them associated with my gamertag because of it.

User Info: Nefhith

7 months ago#2
You can get it back for a small fee of 4'99$.

Sucks, tho. Hope you get it back.
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User Info: iamdanthaman

6 months ago#3
Just keep trying. Some CSRs can be more helpful than others. Just keep calling until you get one that will help.
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User Info: Mattarus

6 months ago#4
Unfortunately I've tried multiple times per day, with multiple agents. I have actually reached a point now where EA have actually said they can not/could not help me.

Though once I asked to begin the formal complaints procedure (for which they could not transfer me to someone, give me an email or a phone number and then put me on hold for 30 minutes and seemed shocked when I was still waiting) they seemed to put much more polite people on the case and I have had to resubmit everything all over again, explain my story which hasn't changed... They've told me my case is a weird one and that they'll look into it and see what they can do, but have warned me not to get my hopes up...

User Info: Mattarus

6 months ago#5
I even tried talking to Microsoft to see if they coule clone my xbox account, purchase history, achievements etc but with a different name and then delete my old one. They told me that they understood my problems and frustration but that they couldn't do that and to try contacting EA...

User Info: Viper187666

6 months ago#6
See. This is why requiring an EA account to play their games on Xbox is f***ing bulls***. It was one thing when the s*** was optional. This forced sign-in to EA is bulls***. I don't want an account with every f***ing publisher whose games I play.
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  3. EA are holding my gamertag hostage, need help!!!

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