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  3. A few weeks since Andromeda's release... how is everyone enjoying the game?

User Info: Ntk_Monaco17

1 year ago#1
Now that many players have had a few weeks to play the game, how is your experience of the game? How has it changed? Is there a difference between your initial reactions vs. current thoughts?

User Info: PerrySport

1 year ago#2
Still enjoyable. Nearing the end of the SP. One planet left, three loyalty missions and no idea how many main quest missions but probably not allot.

Fun experience. Selling it as soon as im done and move onto something else. It's what i do.
It is what it is

User Info: funkyfritter

1 year ago#3
It managed to top Dragon Age 2 as my least favorite bioware game. It disappointed on every level. The combat, writing, level design, aesthetics and character building are all flawed in ways that undercut my enjoyment and in ways that can't be fixed easily with patches. What really makes me sad is that the game has a lot of good ideas and things that sound cool conceptually, but the pieces simply don't fit together well and the result is a lot of wasted potential.

Hopefully they do better next time.
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User Info: myztikrice

1 year ago#4
What would you like them to do better about the combat?
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User Info: Kuljack

1 year ago#5
Personally, I thought it was a decent game.

It's not perfect, but few games are. You get a lot of content to explore and the new weapon crafting system provides a lot of fun hours to experiment with different mixes between gear and class.

The story itself is great, but the dialogue amongst characters leaves much to be desired.

Multiplayer is what you expect from ME, it looks like we'll see a lot of growth in character options over time which is pretty exciting.

It's a game worth playing to obtain all achievements, max out multiplayer and then probably move on. Always fun to have around for a few matches of MP when you're bored though.

User Info: Ntk_Monaco17

1 year ago#6
Are the missions fun and memorable?
Loving it. Taking it slow and doing everything I can get to before moving on. Just hit 20% viability on Voeld yesterday and quit right as I got to Hajara.
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User Info: thepunchline

1 year ago#8
I really love the story. I loved the mp of 3 but something about it in this game feels off. It's not as much fun
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User Info: AMidnightBaker

1 year ago#9
Finished it just some day ago with around 97% completion and I liked it. It's not a masterpiece or amazing but it's on the good scale and I found it entertaining. It have flaws yes but a lot of people exaggerate.
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User Info: osiris605

1 year ago#10
It feels like a mass effect game. Pretty much because they weren't original enough to come up with a different story. I have been enjoying it a lot and I'm at the last mission. But the graphics are all over the place. Some places are breathtakingly beautiful, while others look like the original Xbox or ps1. The game play and story are enjoyable because they are the same story from the first trilogy, just with a different skin.
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  3. A few weeks since Andromeda's release... how is everyone enjoying the game?
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