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User Info: abbeldydoo

11 months ago#1
Seeing the mediocre reviews and meta you still in? - Results (185 votes)
72.97% (135 votes)
27.03% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I kind of flipped due to MP.Think i can just play MP and ignore SP as much as that makes me cry.Love me some ME but SP just looks bad.MP however i did have fun with.
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User Info: HaloFan3000

11 months ago#2
I didn't preordered it twice for nothing.
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User Info: vvvvALEXvvvv

11 months ago#3
Spent 10hrs in single player during early access, loved it and can't wait for more! :)

User Info: Drizzt_1981

11 months ago#4
If the game is half as fun as the trilogy, then it's worth the cash.
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-R.A. Salvatore

User Info: OutlawJT

11 months ago#5
Spent 8 hours in SP and still missed a lot of stuff in the trial. I won't be sleeping tonight because I'll be playing ME:A till I pass out. Really enjoyed both sp and mp in the trial. Though it's going to take me a little learning curve to get back up to speed in mp.
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User Info: Yuri_LowelI

11 months ago#6
enjoyed it but unfortunately with Persona 5 coming out and already a backlog on Nioh Nier and Zelda, I will not be buying this until May or June at the earliest. Most likely when it's down in price too.

User Info: zer0ryd3r

11 months ago#7
I cancelled my preorder based on the reviews. Was really excited for the game but it just doesn't seem to go where I thought it was going to. I was hoping for more story depth and more planet exploration. Kind of bummed that the new alien species stand on 2 legs like the ones from milky way galaxy. Would have been cool to see some different types of alien life. Will definitely pick it up when it drops in price or hits EA access for free next year. At least there are plenty of other games to keep me busy!

User Info: Roninzeta

11 months ago#8
I wasn't expecting the second coming of Christ, I just wanted to play another space opera in the Mass Effect universe. That the reviews are basically saying, "good, not great," is well within my expectations. The original trilogy was not flawless, either.

User Info: SizableMattress

11 months ago#9
I cancelled. Didn't like the combat, not that it was bad, it just wasn't my taste. According to the reviews, the combat is the consistently good part of Andromeda, so I've got no regrets.

I'm hoping the franchise continues though. Bioware has built an awesome universe.
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User Info: Fishbulb

11 months ago#10
I played the trial and cancelled my preorder. Seems OK but after 4 hours or so I realized that I mostly just wanted to go back to Zelda and I should hold off on a new game for awhile.

I'll grab it later when I'm ready to play and benefit from a price drop or sale.
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