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Roninzeta 2 months ago#1
I've gotten through the first area of Irythill, and I’m still just under 60. I’m mostly on track for what the wiki recommends. But I’ve been keeping Blue Sentinels running, and I find myself getting sucked into zones much farther back. Like Cathedral of the Deep. Also, the meta is 125, and the wiki suggests much lower for all bosses except Nameless King.

If other players I’m summoned to help are earlier in the game, I’m wondering if I’ve been holding back my natural leveling. I’m curious what level is normal for talking on Sulyvann, Aldrich, etc.

Also, side note, I find being a Blue Sentinel frustrating. I pop into the host’s world, nowhere near them or the invader, surrounded by enemies hostile to me. A lot of these areas have multiple paths and levels, so even if I can hear fighting nearby, I can’t tell which direction. Pointing the way to the invader doesn’t help if there’s half a dozen walls and floors between us. I have been of no help to anyone, just stumbling around until either they defeat the invader themselves, or die.
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Adam_Ocelot 2 months ago#2
I try to keep my SL roughly 10x my weapon upgrade level (a bit under seems preferable to over for co-op/etc), provided I’m using a normal weapon (standard titanite upgrade material weapon, not twinkling/scale).

Dont forget that you’re mostly playing against people that have been here for a loooooong time. They know the levels, they know where fights/ambushes happen, they’ve seen it all before. Don’t give up, but don’t stress not being as familiar as the rest.

PS… even a lost blue can scare off reds, lol. If I need to go, or am trying to get summoned, etc and have a red hiding in my world, just summoning in a blue will occasionally get reds to f*** off.
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Roninzeta 2 months ago#3
I still think I might be lower level than is normal, as I keep getting summoned to hosts that are in earlier areas. But, I’m feeling a little better being a Sentinel. I have defeated a few invaders now, instead of running around clueless. Though to be fair, these were in larger, wide open areas, not hallways and tunnels, so finding them wasn’t a challenge.
Roninzeta 1 month ago#4
I’m still occasionally confounded by the pvp. Like I’m missing some unspoken rules.

For the most part, being a Blue Sentinel has been straightforward. Find and kill invaders. But a couple times, I feel like I’ve stumbled into something I’m not supposed to?

The Way of Blue host is just sitting in the courtyard outside Pontiff’s boss room. I pause, trying to figure out if I’m supposed to guard him, or go find the invader. Then a white phantom summons in, and sits down next to the host. After a minute, he stands up and points at the red invader coming. So I go fight. Except, the invader does nothing but run and dodge. The host continues to sit there, and the invader doesn’t even try to attack them. Eventually, the host dismisses me! Like, what the heck just happened?
JTKirkhammer 1 month ago#5
It's a makeshift fight club. Yeah it's somewhat annoying if you keep getting summoned back to the same Pontiff or Swamp fight club when you're in the mood for something else.

I just swap covenants. Maybe be a spear or sun or kill Anor stair knights for a bit...or just progress your game.

Roninzeta 1 month ago#6
I finally got all my PoCKs, most of them from protecting other players, but the last dozen from farming. So, I switched over to being an invader, Mound Maker. And PvP in this game can either be fun, or tedious and boring.

I’m 120, so unless I want to annoy people trying to fight Nameless or possibly Lothric, I have to do fight clubs in Irythill. On rare occasions, these are handled cordially and fair, everyone taking turns, etc. I lose 9/10 times, but I’m having fun anyways. I don’t have PvP meta gear, I just have my kit from PvE. And most other players in the PvP scene wreck me. They have more poise and I can’t do s*** to them, or they’re rocking cool weapons ive never seen that do combos that my noob self can’t escape. And that’s cool. I still enjoy trying.

sigh. Then there’s most other “fight clubs”. Either, you have 3v1 gankfests, where they just rush and stomp me together. Or the elite players who have gotten so good, they’re just smugly trolling at this point. Perfectly dodging, no armor, parrying with no riposte, while their friends watch. But never attacking. At one of these, they all did a run ju,p up onto the dead giants in the courtyard, and I had no clue how to follow. As a melee build, all I could do was Black Crystal out. Like, if you know you’re that much better than me, just kill me, so I can start a new invasion.

1v1 duels are usually cool, outside of Pontiff’s. But you have to get lucky with the right time for a bunch of people laying down signs.
Adam_Ocelot 1 month ago#7
If you’re at 120, and have the DLC, Ringed City is usually busy w/ hijinks. You’ll still run into the guys who are very serious about PvP, but I think it’s more fun than the other PvP hot spots.

Don't forget, you can also invade as a Sun, you’ll usually be put into a fingered world, which is where the real fun is (imo).
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Roninzeta 1 month ago#8
Moving on to the dlc is probably a good idea. Shackles are the only covenant item I need now, and I loathe the idea of farming those skeletons. And I’m not doing that good in the fight clubs. I’ll try to wait until I get to Ringed Coty to invade.
Or the elite players who have gotten so good, they’re just smugly trolling at this point. Perfectly dodging, no armor, parrying with no riposte, while their friends watch. But never attacking

I'd say most of these fight clubs are trolls. They don't actually want strangers joining.
Roninzeta 1 month ago#10
Holy crap, trying to invade in the Ringed City is brutal! It seems the only people Embered up are co-op runs, and they’re all ready to throw down. I’ve had no success in two nights. I’d be nice if getting summoned into Halflight would count towards my Mound Maker farming, but nope! It’s just a waste of my time. I took to going prostrate and letting the host get a free kill. I hated that boss fight myself.
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