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  3. Want to help me Grind Vertebra Shackles?
BunnyNinjaHops 3 months ago#1
PSN: SecretBunnyNinja

Looking to grind out some covenants for spells, or if someone wants to help by dropping a few spells lemme know.


Speckled Stoneplate = Balista in Smouldering Lake.

Wolf Ring = Covenant Reward Watchdogs of Farron.

Horsehoof Ring = Open main door to Cathedral of the Deep and buy from Patches.

Obscuring Ring: Covenant Reward Rosaria's Fingers

Great Deep Soul = Rank 1 Aldritch Faithful.

Med Heal / Tears of Denial / Force, All Part of Braille Divine Tome of Carim. Give to Irina and Purchase.

Sacred Oath. Level 1: Sunlight Covenant. 10 Medals

Great Lightning Spear: Level 2 Sunlight Covenant. 30 Medals.

Darkmoon Blade:

dreadnaught_ 3 months ago#2
Hi there -- I am looking to grind out some covenant items also and would be happy to help. Sent you a friend request. PSN ID: dreadnaught_
Hotel_Security 3 months ago#3
Want to help me Grind Vertebra Shackles?

Hope you find someone. Was a good 7/8 hours of grinding to get all those offline. The other items also take a few hours to get but nothing as bad as the Shackles.
(edited 3 months ago)
roschneider 1 month ago#4
Hello. I need vertebra shackles too. Can someone help?
Elpedre 1 month ago#5
Hi @roschneider

I too wish to farm shackles, if you want we can do it together, my psn account is El-pedre you can add me
Drewmack79 1 month ago#6
If theres anyone else interested in some shackle farming, I am also in need. PSN is DrewbixCube, feel free to add me and find me online.
"Forgive me if I don't shake hands."
I need to grind out 30 as well. If anyone is interested in trading kills. My ID is SalimRising. I'll be on most of today if anyone is interested.
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  3. Want to help me Grind Vertebra Shackles?
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