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User Info: Xethuminra

1 month ago#1

User Info: DrGoodgames

1 month ago#2
This is the first time images ever showed up while scrolling through this board, I find it slightly arousing

User Info: Hotel_Security

1 month ago#3
Look at the curves on that figurine. Ooo baby.

User Info: Old_Monkey

1 month ago#4
That is Manus’s Broken Pendant & an Ember from Dark Souls III. Looks like if you sharpen the image & flip the picture, the rune carvings on the chest just about match up. By the way, the overall body shape is the exact same as a Humanity. If you overlap those pictures, they will match up as well. Embers & Humanity do basically the same thing, so that may be why. It’s possible all the Humanity was tied to light. Summon. Beat the boss. Go back to human. Still, kinda looks like a stone to me........

Was Faith effective against Demons by the way?

Speaking of Embers

Bonfire Ascetics
"Tossing this into a Bonfire strengthens nearby foes.
Once the Bonfire Ascetic is devoured by the flames, its effects can never be reversed. Be prepared before using this perilous ember.
Fire exhibits a connection to the curse, and when the flames grow stronger, so does the curse."

More precisely, tossing this into a Bonfire revives the foes (and the boss).

Wonder if this all has anything to do with the Broken Bonfires in Drangleic. Considering the use of Embers in general, I would suggest that this little line of thought has something to do with infusion which brings magic to otherwise physical objects.

Cheers by the way

.... think it has anything to do with Dusk? Why did Manus kidnap her? How about Nashandra & Want? Weren’t they his children?

Take it a little further with the effigies and the statues and Demon’s Souls stuff and I think you’ll end up wondering about Behelits and the One Ring. Wasn’t there a theory about Chaos Magic & the power of Life? In the first game, Chaos is fueled by Humanity & dark magic has mostly physical properties. Then, they tied Pyromancy Chaos & “Hexes” to Faith & Magic. Little weird, isn’t it? Like it’s all the same stuff now.

Feels like it’s all coming together

The deep for example. Water. Darkness! Abyss.

This developer has a long history of adding various Pendants & lockets since King’s Field. Many of which do nothing at all, seemingly. Thinking about it, if Manus’s Pendant was an Ember, you must wonder where on earth he got it and more importantly why was he trying to get it back, how did it get broken, and why does it look so messed up? Could that be the original Dark Soul? If I didn’t know better, I’d suggest taking a closer look around the Ringed City for clues & maybe another thought about Priscilla’s level.

Funny thing too

The runes remind me a little of a Brand of Sacrifice or Hunter’s Mark or some sort of Corrupted Dark Sign, which if befitting the chaotic Soul of Cinder amalgam we see and the End of the World.


you know what I really think?

its little head looks like a Yharnam stone


Strange thing to be able to bring a painting to life. Calls into question everything. think about Elden Ring at all? Chaos. Demons. Profaned Flame. First Sin. Eldritch. Secrets.

Dragons. Everlasting. Weak to thunder. World of Fog. Neither light nor dark. Arch-Trees! And rocks

User Info: Hotel_Security

1 month ago#5
Take it a little further with the

I'll pass. We're heavily in the realm of wishful thinking here.

User Info: Old_Monkey

1 month ago#6
Hotel_Security posted...
Take it a little further with the

User Info: KDTProjekt

1 month ago#7
Sweet Jesus, they're multiplying. Or sock puppeting....
"Gamefaqs is just a random rants generator" - Westcurry

User Info: Hotel_Security

1 month ago#8
I assume it's just a clone of the Bloodborne guy who responded to every post with gothic tone.
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