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  3. Has anybody played The Surge yet?
Many people here got the surge for free. Deck13, the devs for The Surge has ideas, and some are good, but their games lack the polish that allows them to be fun for most souls players here.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea was good, but their enemies were exceptionally limited because of that very mechanic. Enemies moves were dictated by the weapon they held, and there weren’t a lot of weapons. The enemies that weren’t just humans were pretty bad, and that’s where they could have expanded and made a fun game. Damage the leg to cripple the machine, or the arm to reduce its attack, etc. But they mostly just repeated humans.
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User Info: Saigon55

4 weeks ago#12
I've completed the surge & sekiro both games don't have multiplayer where you can call in help and I know a lot of people don't like that .... me personally I love the futuristic look & level design of the surge and the gameplay mechanics nothing more satisfying then cutting off targeted body parts to finish off NPCs & bosses also I personally think the surge has better gameplay mechanics then dark souls or bloodborne don't get me wrong I love those games but I always feel the controls for both games could be way better the surge doesn't have that problem in my opinion.but the surge 2 coming out September 12 can't wait to see what they do for the sequel


4 weeks ago#13
In my library. Haven't played it yet.

I remember before it was released, some articles were comparing it to dks. Had me intrigued even though I'm not really into that type of setting. The camera and character movements looked kinda s***ty too. So, just like dks then?
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User Info: owenmatthew

4 weeks ago#14
KDTProjekt posted...
The game controlled like Helen Keller: With Robots.

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User Info: TorvaMessorem

4 weeks ago#15
I quite enjoyed the surge. Great game. Just gotta get over the fact that it isnt dark souls. Gotta go in with a clear mind.
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  3. Has anybody played The Surge yet?