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  3. best weapon buff for a new playthrought?dont have the dlc.

User Info: rrojas_1926

1 month ago#1
I made a new character after almost 3 years of not playing this game, never bought the dlc, i made i deprived and boy i totally understimated this game since i did really good against all the enemies in the firelink shrine but then after i got my trust Deep Axe the deaths start rolling over and over and over only to die 4 times in a row against that stupid big tree thing XP.

So i never use buffs in any souls game but i want to give then ago, so first. which one are the best buff magic piro or miracles Early on and what weapons early on do you guys recommend for buffing? I know Lighting blade can be acquired in Ithryl or something like that but is too far in the game.

I would like to do something different because i always do the cliche STR build in almost all from games. Mindyou i dont care about PVP, is not like i can get invaded or do coop anyway i dont know i have terrible luck with from games even when i have internet and PSN+ i had no luck getting summoned, summoning help and a few times i get invaded.....i know is pretty sad.

User Info: yzman

1 month ago#2
As a pyro early on I just did a raw longsword because people were recommending it. It is working well right now.
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User Info: GeminiX7

1 month ago#3
Flame weapon has low reqs and is acquired early. Magic weapon is also an option but more monsters have a fire weakness than magic.
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1 month ago#4
Your sig is extreme cringe by the way. Very embarrassing. -Colossus-X
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  3. best weapon buff for a new playthrought?dont have the dlc.
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