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    UnLoco posted...
    He is quite possibly the most tedious and boring boss in the game. Once you figure out his pattern the fight turns basically into a battle of attrition with you trying not to fall asleep. He is incredibly formulaic and never really mixes up his movements or does anything unexpected. Not even his second phase add anything to switch things up and make things interesting. Him constantly moving across the stage with you having to run to him over and over also gets tiresome.

    It is basically, stay in from of him, dodge, attack his head, dodge for what seems like an eternity given his absurdly massive health pool.

    Such a boring boss. Does anyone really enjoys this fight?

    I enjoy it for the reasons you mentioned. It's satisfying to figure out the patterns and then have the patience to take him down. Pretending it was real (lol), it would take a lot of patience and strategy to take down a massive dragon
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