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  3. I think weapon arts can be very effective but precision is required

User Info: completeboy

2 months ago#1
I used it against the dog enemy and in two weapon art strikes it fell down

the choice of weapon matters a lot depending on type of enemy and how precise you are
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

2 months ago#2
Generally they are not worth using for pve but there are some exceptions. The weapon arts that buff your weapon or atk stats are most useful.

User Info: INCompl

2 months ago#3
The stance R2 is good against dogs because they have a habit of stunlocking you and are generally a pain in the ass to deal with. Other than that, the only ones I found I used at all were warcry on weapons that can’t be buffed otherwise and quickstep against Gael when going for a nohit run because that crossbow attack in phase 2 can be absolute bs to avoid.

User Info: ImmortalDragonX

2 months ago#4
I use the WA's on the Crescent Moon Sword and Follower's Javelin quite liberally, both in pvp and pve (though less in pvp for the latter). Having a ranged attack with my melee weapon is always a good thing imo. Same goes for the laser shot on Lothic's Holy Sword and Twin Prince's Greatsword. First one has better range, second one has better damage.

Millwood Greatbow wa also sees a lot of use for me on characters that use it. I tend to use it on bigger enemies in pve, where I can knock them down with the arrow shot and have the explosion finish the job or at least put a major dent in them.

Frayed Blade is another one I use a lot of wa's with. Its just all around fun for me.

I guess, in general, weapon arts makes things fun for me and I've found many to be rather useful in both pvp and pve. But, as with all things...ymmv.
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User Info: MagickArrow

2 months ago#5
The stance is great for breaking shields, perseverance is great for everything (especially with an hp regen build), quickstep is great for a bunch of bosses.
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  3. I think weapon arts can be very effective but precision is required
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